Cruise, Kidman split

Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid, Kim Bassinger & Baldwin, now Cruise and Kidman…why can’t Hollywood marriages work?

Maybe Bassinger and Cruise will become a couple? Or Baldwin and Kidman?

In slightly-related news, celebrated SDMB couple Montfort and Anniz are splitting this weekend, as Anniz is flying home to Sweden.

I’ll be waiting here for Nicole…

(Sorry, Anniz, I had to do this! I love you! :))

Maybe she got tired of having to watch Battlefield Earth and read L. Ron.

Too bad, really.

That sound you hear is the heads of all the “People” editors exploding as they re-do next week’s cover . . .

Hey, there have been long-term show-biz marriages: Lunt and Fontanne, Cronyn and Tandy, Pickford and Rogers, Bert Lahr and his showgirl wife, Ziegfeld and Billie Burke . . . umm, do they BOTH have to be stars?

Apropos of nothing, why do they both appear to have milk mustaches in their pictures on the CNN page?

I find it sad. I was hoping that those two would be one of the couples who could last.

You forgot Bruce Willis and Demi Moore as well.

You also forgot Madonna and Sean Penn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since Liz Taylor and whatshisname split, I was hoping for a shot, but it’s not happening.

Okay, I don’t work in construction, but still…

Hollywood stars are so fickle. She doesn’t even know I exist.

As has most of the civilized world.

Kidman just got annoyed that she had to make a movie with her husband every time she wanted some sex. How else would you explain Eyes Wide Shut?

A great work by a great director that many people didn’t care much for. Well, you asked!


Please don’t get mad.

But “Eyes Wide Shut” wsa a disaster.

I hope that Kubrick’s legacy will ignore this anomoly.

I consider it a glitch on a master’s life work.

Maybe now Nicole will come public with her love for me…

The rest of you won’t know who the hell I’m talking about…

About 2 hours after the news of Tom and Nicole splitting up turned up on the SMH Breaking News page, this soon followed.

He must be getting bored, don’t you think? Or maybe he believes that we’ve forgotten him…


Woodward and Newman.

Now, this is SHEER urban legend, but…

We’ve all heard the stories about Tom Cruise being gay. I’ve further heard that Cruise’s first marriage to Mimi Rogers was a sham constructed by the Church of Scientology, for keeping-up-appearances’ sake. And that it ended because Rogers couldn’t live a lie anymore.

Assuming this is true (big assumption, I know), is it credible that history’s repeating itself with Kidman? I don’t think she’s in Scientology herself.

Give us the Straight Dope, Eve. I trust you.

Eve: LOL! Oh yes, as a reader of People, I know this will top any other story.
Peace in the Middle East? Forget it!
The Cruises’ broke up!

Its not really Hollywood marriages.
All marriages have a (what?) percentage rate of divorce.
It just seems like a lot cause you don’t hear about the not famous divorces.

I have it from my “Movieline” sources that Tom Cruise is actually straight. Nutty as a fruitcake, but straight. Of course, after 20 years of Scientology, I doubt he knows what or who is is anymore . . .

Another long-term Hollywood marriage—as much as I dislike them—is Ronnie and Nancy. Oh, and Joel McCrea and Frances Dee. Ah—and how could I forget Burns and Allen? And Harpo and Susan Marx?

Say, anyone else notice these glamorous Hollywood marriages always seem to split up when Ukulele Ike is “out of town?” Coincidence? I wonder . . .

Uh…Who cares?* More importantly, WHY care?

*[sub]well, a lot of people, apparently. It’s the “why” I can’t figure out.[/sub]

Carina, happy to be an icononoclast. :slight_smile: