Crusader Kings 3 Succession Game

This is an interest thread for a Crusader Kings 3 succession game. I am hopeful that we will be able to do this across distribution platforms.

In a succession game, each player inherits the game’s save file from the previous player and goes until their ruler dies. That’s pretty much it! You keep everyone updated here with progress reports so that we know what we’re inheriting, but when you’re in charge you do whatever you want to do with the kingdom.

I am very interested!

Usually I am a big fan of starting as a count and working my way up to emperor. I’d prefer an early turn in that situation. But I’m open to anything!

I love to play!

I’d suggest starting out as a duke with counts as vassals in the Holy Roman Empire in 1066. That gives us interesting things to do to manage our realm, and internal politics in the HRE. Plus gives us some measure of safety from external threats.

That is suitably different from any of my current games, so I am down. And when it isn’t our turn we can weigh in on things as Electors! :stuck_out_tongue:

A quick ping to @Sitnam, who expressed interest as well.

I’m good with the Pleonast’s suggestion. I’ve mostly been messing around as a count 867, which thus far has meant sitting around and waiting to be raided/invaded by someone way more powerful than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I’m still on board.

Okay, so we have four players! That’s plenty, and of course anybody can hop into the line of succession at any time.

If somebody wants to poke at the 1066 map and suggest a ruler, we can get started pretty much as soon as somebody volunteers to take first whack.

I am also in for this, as I’ve played a bit more and still don’t really know what I’m doing

Pretty good username/post combo for a game that’s going to start in the HRE.

This is gonna be weird for me – I don’t know if I’ve ever played with a start date that wasn’t the oldest one available, in ck3 or ck2… I’m excited to experience 1066!

Alright. So I nominate Johnny to start us off. A 1066 start in the HRE is fine with me. Perhaps some kind of posted order here so people know when they’re close to playing the next heir.

I’ll PM him with my email so someone has all of them.

Alrighty. I won’t be able to start tonight, but I looked at the map and the Duchy of Bavaria and Swabia both seem promising. Both are in good positions to begin eating pieces of other duchies in the area.

Tuscany presents an interesting challenge, with a very capable ruler who is also a Duchess without a husband or dynasty heir. If she doesn’t pop out a son pretty quickly she’ll be in trouble.

Okay, Tuscany seems like an interesting challenge. I am Duchess Matilda of Tuscany. Here is the start screen:

Pretty strong start. Good income and prestige, good amount of troops.

If I had the piety I could immediately declare war on il papa. His armies are inferior and he has no allies. Probably still a bad idea.

Council situation isn’t bad at all. The spymaster is going to go. Ol’ Mariana is a powerful vassal, but she’s also craven so fuck her if she’s pissed about getting the boot.

I’ve married the highest-ranking genius who would accept a matrilineal marriage.

Another interesting note - I’m apparently the head of a very strong independence faction. I’m not sure I want to immediately fracture the Holy Roman Empire, but I don’t think it will matter one way or the other. Its military power is already at 426%. Maybe since I’m head of the faction, I can hold things off for a while.

Our daughter, Cecilia, was briefly heir, but now we have a son to one day lead the dynasty. Little Giovanni Bravos has inherited his father’s genius trait.

Pictures in the thread! Glorious! I knew the move to Discourse was worth it!

The heir has come of age. He is going to make a HELL of a leader.