Crusader Kings II stories

This might be akin to as exciting as listening to someone tell you about a dream they had or their fantasy baseball team so i’ll keep it short. And really only about 15 years has passed anyway.

I started off as the Count of Cornwall cause i someone on YT do that. i have three daughters. (ugh)

England starts off being besieged by Normandy and Norway. The Norman King wins, but then the Norway King defeats him and England becomes Norway…and somehow Normandy becomes Norway too. My eldest daughter marries matrilileanly (Im going to spell that differently every time) the heir of Norfolk cause their kid will inherit Norfolk.

My second daughter i marry off to the heir to the throne of Norway. I want to stay in good graces with them.

My eldest daughter dies in childbirth (uh oh) so now my daughter (the queen of Norway) is my heir. But HER daughter belongs to another house. So i change the laws so that my grandson will become leader of my house. BUT the king of Norway makes me Duke of Cornwall (yayyy) but changes the laws back so his wife will inherit the duchy (booo)

I die and my daughter, the Queen of Norway, becomes leader of the House. But the game ends if she dies. I cant kill my daughter, the game wont let me. I start a plot to kill my husband…he catches wind of that and says “Dude. Stop.”

Luckily he dies out of nowhere…and for a hot second…my daughter becomes Queen (outright Queen) of England! But the lords depose her almost immediatly. But England is back and isnt part of Norway. But somehow the Duchy of Cornwall is still part of Norway.

Fortunatly i eventually have a son, so the game wont end if i die.

If there’s no incest or plots to make a horse the Pope, it barely counts as a CK2 story.

That being said, nice job on getting out of House extinction. You’ve got to be careful with matrilineal marriages at the start of the game when you don’t have a few thriving cadet branches around.

Not Pope, but Empress of a united Rome. Here it is in all its glory. I don’t have the time to play games like this, or Dwarf Fortress, but damn if there aren’t some great stories out there.

King Humphrey the Great died and his brother Richard de Normandie was the Regent until his nephew Prince William de Normandie became old enough to become King of France and Emperor of the French Empire.

As Regent Richard defeated revolts by the Kings of Aquitaine and Leon and acquired Egypt after a successful Crusade. France and the Empire prospered under his rule. When William became Emperor Richard was given the title of King of Eqypt and he died in battle fighting the HRE.

Before he became Regent Uncle Dick committed incest with his daughter and later killed her and ate her.

So it’s his name and a description.

It’s been a while but i distinctly remember playing a gay ruler who’s life goal was having a daughter, which he finally accomplished after banging his seventh sons wife.