Crushing a golf ball with your hand - possible?

^^^This is the famous video of James Bond’s vilain crushing a golf ball with his hand.

I don’t think it’s possible. But then again I’ve seen one finger push ups, 1000+ pounds deadlifts and I’ve read about string theory.

So how much force do you think it would require to do this?

30-40 years ago, pro Golfer Andy Bean was known to BITE through a golf ball.

That was when the good golf balls were a soft cover balata ball that had a outer core of tightly wound rubber band and soft smaller ball inner core.

I don’t think a high quality golf ball from the 1960’s could be crushed by a man’s fist. No matter how strong he is.

Yes, for large values of hand or low values of golf ball.

Considering the force of regular golf hits on the ball, I’m doubting it.

Try crushing a tightly-wound ball of rubber bands and get back to us. :slight_smile:

I am trying to imagine the circumstances under which it would occur to me to try to take a bite out of a golf ball.

As to the OP, I doubt it is possible. Charles Vansart, an old vaudeville performer, is said to have been able to squeeze a new tennis ball until it burst (as well as bend railroad spikes), and to bend an English pennyin his fingers, but a golf ball is another matter altogether.


Perhaps one of those prank exploding golf balls?

To win a bar bet would be my first guess.

<Joining the chorus>

But a golf ball is another matter


Surely you can’t be serious.