Ever shoot a hole in one? (In real life golf)

Not in a video game, mini golf, or a sexual metaphor; real golf. Ever hit a hole in one?

I missed one last year by an inch and a half.

I’ve met people who’ve golfed their whole lives and never even been in a party where one was shot, and I know someone who shot two in one year and she golfs about as well as Grace Kelly drove.

How about you?

My stepmother shot one last summer.

I’m happy if I get it on the green.

My coworker got a hole in one during the second hole of a company golf outing. We could hear a whole bunch of ecstatic screaming from where we were. Closest I’ve ever gotten was a few feet, which won the closest to the pin contest that year.

Friend of my dad’s hit one in the foursome we were playing in-c. 25+ years ago-kept rolling and rolling and banged in off the stick. My brother in law missed one by 2 inches, the ball was dead in the center of the hole, and just suddenly stopped dead 2" from the lip (as did a fairway knockdown 7 iron I hit once which would have been an eagle 2). Broke his heart that my dad never hit one.

My mother hit one about 10 years ago (she was 60 years old or so). She was pretty thrilled; the club where she plays gave her a trophy for it, as it was during a tournament.

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my younger brother (age 10 at the time) hit one on a par-3 course in Hallandale, Florida the first time we ever golfed. (He had been taking driving lessons for a year or so.) To illustrate how little we knew about golf, I was putting on the tee as he was teeing off, so I witness personally his drive as the ball came right up to me and dropped into the hole. He walked up, asked “Where is it?” and I told him. He smiled and and asked why I was so excited (I was twelve). I said “You got a hole-in-one!!” and he asnwered “That’s what I was trying to do.”

We finished the round, and we explained at the clubhouse while returning the rental clubs what had happened. They flat out didn’t believe us. (There was some system for what happened if you got a hole-in-one, i forget exactly what, a round of drinks, your name on the clubhouse wall, but we didn’t know about it and didn’t care, and were a little hurt that everyone thought we were big liars.)

In the 44 years since then, my brother has won several championships at his country club, and has probably golfed thousands of rounds. Never hit another hole-in-one.

I also discovered through an internet search while looking for my dad that HE hit a hole in one when I was a baby, but when I was growing up (and when my brother was taking golf lessons) we never even heard from him that he had ever golfed.

I have gotten one (when I was playing as a single, so nobody was around to confirm it!! AARRGGHH!!!), and I’ve witnessed one.

My golf buddies and I are 20+ handicappers, so it’s not like we hit a good shot that often.

I have had 5 holes-in-one. :cool:

#1 215 yds with a 2 iron :eek:
#2 190 yds with a 4 iron (technically this was a par 4 (on the scorecard) but we were playing a temporary green and the hole was realistically a par 3.

#3, #4, #5 were with a 7 iron. (#3 and #4 were on the same hole)
In addition, I have witnessed about 8 other Holes-in-one. (just call me the Hole-in-one Whisperer)

The strangest hole-n-one that I have witnessed was the first one. There was 10 of us in a “gang-some” Two teams of 5 playing against each other. Nine holes. we had three different bets going. One for the best score on each hole, another for the best two scores on each hole, and another for the best three scores on each hole.

My team was the second group and absolutely everything was going right for us, and apparently nothing was going right for the team ahead of us. We were making birdies on every hole.

The other team cried “UNCLE” on the next to last hole. It was late and very overcast and it started to mist. They packed it and went to the 19th hole. My group played on in and we teed of hole #17, a par 3. One of my teammates launched a nine iron to green right at the hole. We heard the ball hit the flag-stick. but could not see what happened.

When we got to the green, we found that the other team had left their money right in front of the hole, stuck in the ground with a tee. And then we found Sam’s ball had flown into the hole, right over the $150 stuck in the ground.

Yes, we finished the nine holes. Our scores were 9 under for the best ball. 13 under for the two best ball. and 15 under for the three best ball. It was incredible golf. It was like the proverbial snowball. Everything that could go right, went right for us. Everybody in our group shot under par for the nine holes and had at least two birdies. The other team (and comparable in skill level) was not even close. I think they had two birdies total.

I played golf for over 50 years. I have had 10 eagles in one year. I have holed out the second shot on par 4s. I have had no Hole in ones. I have bounced off the flag many times. I have been within inches. But nope.

I once shot 38 under on a round of 18 holes. I think I got five holes-in-one. It was my first round ever too. It’s a pretty simple game.

Nice round, Kim! :wink:

I’ve never got a hole in one; but like the OP, I’ve missed one by a couple of inches.

Closest I ever came was dropping on the green about a foot and a half away from the hole. Which I then proceeded to bogey.

Talk about a hard one to live down.

I hit a hole in three. I hit my tee shot into a lake, re-teed, and hit a shot onto the front of the green, which bounced once then rolled about thirty feet with fifteen feet of break and into the cup. A cart pulled up next to the green from the adjacent hole and two guys watched me walk up and pull my ball out. “Dude, you just hit a hole in one! Why aren’t you at least smiling?” I told them what happened and they acted like I had just told them my mother had died.

True story.

Nope, I have a few close calls but on par threes my high ball trajectory with mid irons and up usually means I get a dead stop on the green. That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.

I have three double eagles, which I’m quite proud of, though.

I saw a woman get a hole in one by skipping the ball off the surface of a pond. I bet that is rare.

I’m 50 years old, have only played about 6 actual rounds of golf in my life, and was never much good. I made some excellent drives, even some brilliant putts, but my work with the irons was comically bad.

Like you, I once came 2 inches from a hole in one. This was at a course in Ireland. I shot a ridiculously high score for the day, but nearly had a hole in one. There’s a HUGE amount of luck involved in those.

Seriously? That’s three more than 95% of PGA pros have. Maybe 99%. You might be the world record holder.

I agree to a point, there is luck involved. IMO, it takes “skill” to give the ball an opportunity
to go in the hole, and luck when it actually does go in the hole.

Four out of my five holes in one were skilled shots, I knew the ball was going to be close to the hole when I hit it. The other one was fortunate as it was struck thinly (but right at the hole and hit the flag-stick at a pretty good rate of speed. That is the only hole-n-one that I have witnessed that was not a well struck shot.

And FTR, I have never had, or even witnessed a double eagle. I was playing in a two man scramble where a team playing in the group ahead of us had a double eagle, and the team right behind had a team had a double eagle. Lightning did not strike for our group. We did make eagle as the hole location was in a bowl and setup for a long shot to get close to hole.

Not even remotely close.