"Crusoe" dog survives 4 months on island

Story here .


Awww! You go dog!

Here’s another link with a picture of the dog and its owner.

Doesn’t it prove that pet dogs are are still wild animals and willl return to their hunter roles , when all humans are gone! :wink:

I can think of dozens of dog breeds that wouldn’t’ve made it. Australian cattle dogs are tough and capable.

Yeah so it ate koalas. Better off if it drowned and let the koalas live.

I find this amusing, for some reason. So it’s just an island full of wild goats? That’s fun. Goats rock. Where’d you get koalas from, Cicero?

It was in the local paper. It said it ate baby goats and hunted koalas. To be honest I have some doubts.

and he did it without a volleyball, too!

Yup, all predators should die.

What? It was stocked with goats with bees in their mouths?

Alot of ‘family’ dogs would really surprise you with how quickly they revert to scavenging.

Burned into my memory is the sight of a family mutt of questionable origin sitting smack dab in the chest cavity of a road kill white tail deer whilst happily snacking away.

Nope but introduced predators should. The rangers weren’t setting traps because they had nothing better to do.

But I guess you knew that.

In what way are koalas more deserving than dogs?

Now, a Shiitzu would have been shit-outa-luck.

They were doing so because otherwise they wouldn’t get paid.

Oh no, some island would be overrun by a dog. Who cares?

I suspect the koala predation was rare. What, with baby goats to choose from vs. tree climbers with razor sharp claws. If the originals stockers in the 1800’s had been wise, they would have stocked the island with those fainting goats.

I think all the koalas should die.
Won’t somebody think of the eucalyptus trees?!?!

“But Sophie Tucker [the dog] swam doggedly…”


I remember the ominous end to that Simpsons episode…

Well, goats are tree climbers with rather sharp hooves, so I’m not really sure there’s that much of a difference; plus, goats don’t come with their own leftovers bags for when you can’t finish 'em in one sitting.