Crystal Bernard

In cleaning out a closet, I found a poster showing Crystal Bernard leaning up against a yellow 1995 Yamaha FZR600. There’s a Long EZ in the background. An airplane, a pretty girl, and a bike! Three of my favourite things! :slight_smile:

I looked up Crystal Bernard on imdb. I haven’t heard of any of the things she’s done since Wings.

I know she did some country music here in Nashville for a bit after Wings but nothing big. I don’t know if she’s still here but I keep watching the streets so that she can meet and marry me someday.

I watched some Lifetime or Lifetime-like movie a few weeks back with my Mom that she was in where her Dad was accused of murdering her Mom. I don’t find this type of movie interesting, and this was no exception, but I did like seeing Ms. Bernard again. I find her awfully cute, even in this role that she seemed a bit too old for.

Her IMDb entry has a string of TV movies and a couple of small movie roles.

I used to date her sister Robyn in school while Crystal dated my fraternity brother, “Speedway”, so lots of good times together for the four of us. Their Dad is evangelist Jerry Wayne Bernard, so Crystal and Robyn grew up singing in front of a congregation and their affinity for the spotlight is understandable. A bit snobby until you’re her friend, then everything’s cool.

Heh, I was trying to find some recent info on them and came across this site, her Dad’s. It’s got some early pics of Crystal… check out 1961.

And Johnny, her Dad’s into Harleys. Dude, you’re in.

Not really. I’ve heard she’s a pretty devout Christian. And I’m a Yamaha guy, so her dad would probably hate me.

Wow, and her sister is the pretty one. Quite a family.

I always thought that Crystal Bernard was one of the prettiest women on TV. But I hated her for marrying Joe. :wink:

Hmm, this reminds me to be annoyed that Wings still isn’t out on DVD…

There’s an anecdote about Crystal “Bernhard”[sic] in the superlatively trashy portmanteau memoir You’ll Never Make Love In This Town Again (pp. 183-190. O.K., it’s a short chapter’s worth.) Granted, the anecdote in question is related by a former prostitute of Beverly Hills, so you might want to take what “Liza” says with a grain of salt. (Or penicillin. Whatever…)

Please, give us the straight poop. Don’t need the entire chapter just the jist of what happened.


Incidentally, her Dad is a rare but growing group of Evangelists who aren’t End-Timers, but Preterists - the End Times were 70 AD & Christ now reigns over history.

How do you defeat that automatic scroll? WHY would a site have an automatic scroll? Curse you, Crystal Bernard’s Dad!

Gee, and I was hoping to spur those of you with prurient interests to pick up the book. :wink: It boils down to this: C.B. apparently isn’t dialing a zero on the Kinsey Scale – but then, few of us do.

It’s interesting that she’s a preacher’s daughter, though, considering. Poor thing!

You’re still just hinting. I’m not going to buy the book, so can you say exactly what you’re getting at?