What is up with that Sony DVD handycam commercial?

I hate it and I don’t get it and I have a feeling I would hate it even if I got it.

I think the story goes like this: Little sister films her brother and his girlfriend singing a love song. And then puts the DVD in the player and embarrasses brother in front of parents.

But what about the little details? Why is it so difficult for the brother to say that to her? Is he proposing? Do they sing it for any special reason? Sister films them through a glass door, gets perfect sound, and yet they don’t notice her?! Did they ask her to record it, but didn’t think she’d show it to the parents? Were the parents in on it, too, or were they getting ready to watch a real movie?

What is the message? That a DVD camcorder gives you something that you can immediately pop into your player?

This commercial perplexes me.

Also, what happens to the redhead who is putting stuff on the table before the DVD plays? That’s not the sister, is it?

Jeez guy, talk about over-analyzing.

The little sister spies on her older brother & his girlfriend, records their ‘mushy’ dialog, and sneaks it into their parents DVD player to embarrass him. What’s not to ‘get’?

And yes, I think the main selling point they’re trying to get across is that it records right to immediatly playable DVDs.

What Hail Ants said. I think it’s pretty straightforward.

What I hate are those goddamned DeBeers commercials, especially the one with the couple in the public square. Man shouts “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!” and woman looks embarrassed. Man then gives woman a big horkin’ diamond and suddenly she’s making cow eyes at him, whispering “I love this man.”

Is it just me, or does the whole scene just scream “golddigging whore”?

All diamond commercials are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Personally, I hate diamonds and I wouldn’t be impressed in the least by any man who gave me diamonds. Fortunately, my husband knows this, so he doesn’t waste his money.

Those commercials are all stupid and I hate them. <stamps little foot and shakes tiny fist>

Oh yeah, and that Sony DVD commercial irritates me too, but I wouldn’t get upset if someone gave me one of those.

Just saw the ad in question, and I don’t get it either. There seems to be no reason for the kid to be saying that…he starts off as though he’ll propose, and it ends with a sing-along.

I’m lost.

I agree, the sing-along doesn’t make much sense, but I do like the mothers reaction when the father says, “hey that’s a good line.”

He was being mushy with his girlfriend. He told her “You are my shining star.” Which is an Earth Wind and Fire song. Which they started singing. Which little sister taped and played on the DVD player. I don’t understand the not understanding.
The one I don’t understand is the one with the same mother and father but this time with a teenaged daughter and the exchange student. What’s that all about?

Actually, it’s a Manhattans’ song.

Earth, Wind, and Fire had a song called “Shinning Star”, also, with such lyrics as:

“You’re a shining star
No matter who you
Shinning bright to see
What you can truly be”

Correctomundo! That was just a test. Yeah, a test to see who was paying attention. Good on you, Mr. Blue Sky!


The best part is that she whispers it! He obviously loves her, because he’s shouting it to everyone in a four-mile radius. She, now that she has her precious stone, can do no better than whisper it, because she said it only to placate him (“There, I said it! Happy?”).

Who the hell lets their little girl play with their new Sony DVD-Camcorder is what I want to know!