CSI 30-Oct-03: The Unsound and the Furry

Okay… so one of the subplots involves the latest unusual sexual fetish that the episode writer read about on the internet. This time, it’s furries and plushies (people who get a thrill out of wearing animal costumes).

I don’t have any specific comments, I just wanted to get in my furry joke, since they were flying fast and furry-ous during the episode.

Already done. Last year on She Spies.

Funnier, with less vomit.

We were having an absolute ball laughing at this one on another web forum :wink:

Seriously, those people are creepy as hell. If you don’t get creeped out by the furry scene in Shining, then your scaredy-bone is malfunctioning.

I think the funniest thing is how serious these people take their little subculture/fetish. The guy who really thought he was a wolf and had to take on lupine mating habits…LOL. And how it ended up he was just some poor lonely loser latching onto something because of a girl… basically sums up the entire furry thing from what I know of it.

I thought it was a cool episode, but the sub-plot of the freezer killing was weak. It looked like they just threw it in because the whole episode couldn’t be about the furries.

“Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas”
Humor, thy name is Grissom.

Actually, as soon as they revealed that the guy with a high-powered slug, it was pretty obvious it was a hunting accident.

Two points struck me as highly improbable, though:
[ul][li]The raccoon was vomiting in his mask, but wouldn’t take it off? That don’t make no sense, especially they made such a big deal about all the craftmanship that went into it. For that matter, why wear it while riding in a car? It just blocks the driver’s vision of the passenger-side mirror and windows.[/li][li]When Gris and Willows wandered off the side of the road at the very beginning, at that point they thought they were tracking a very large animal (the paw prints - and since when does a costume leave prints on asphalt? - looked about bear-sized). Yet they don’t call for backup and they don’t draw their weapons. This strikes me as seriously dumb, since for all they know, they’re going to come across a very large wounded animal that could possibly kill both of them with one swipe.[/ul][/li]
I also thought it was odd that the raccoon costume was lined with latex. Sounds like a sure recipe for heat-stroke, especially in Vegas, but not knowing the ins-and-outs of furry filosofy, maybe that’s the “norm”.

RexDart, I’m not trying to single you out here, you’re just the only one here who’s posted the sort of thing that sets me off on the subject.

People who wear giant animal suits, think they are whatever animal, adopt the mating habits therof, and screw stuffed toys are not the entirity of furries. “Furry” does not mean someone falls into those categories.

The most mainstream aspect, that most of the subculture falls into, is simply an enjoyment of anthropomorphic animals in art, movies, stories, and the like. Disney’s Robin Hood is a pretty good example. A lot of people identify to some extent with an animal, which I think is an important distinction from thinking you are a literal animal. And a lot of them roll their eyes at plushophiles and the like too.

I can’t help but feel sad that a community dedicated to fighting ignorance has such a predictible rate of spewing it on some topics.

Worst CSI episode. . . ever!!! A convention of humans in fake animal suits! Blood that freezes into little iceballs immediately! All this and vomiting, too! Puh-leeze!

I’m aware there are some more innocuous forms of furrydom, such as the people who just enjoy drawing anthropomorphic animals…though I’ve seen too many Awful Links of the Day to think that’s all clean fun, either. I almost mentioned that less wacko side in my post, but I didn’t think this board had been over those divisions as much to be familiar with them. But once you’ve seen the more perverse side of that fandom leak out, it’s hard to really distinguish the presumably more rational folks from the people who go the extra mile and like their furry art to consist of an anthropomorphic eagle devouring a live anthropomorphic rabbit and deriving sexual pleasure from it.

Having a native American styled “spirit guide” is a zillion miles from actually putting on a fursuit, and whether “yiffy” or not that’s still creepy.

No no no. Like most things on the internet, its very dirty and disgusting fun. This is one of the more popular databases, and its very clean:


The VCL (you can loook for it yourself) is more dirty. Most of this stuff seems to attract teens and college-agers, who draw or write this stuff to explore or release their inner tensions. Angst and all of that. So a lot of the sexual aspects are more or less the tender vaue wish fulfillments of unsullied young people.

All I can say is that I never knew about this particular fetish before CSI.

Last night was the first time I had to repeatedly avert my eyes - and turn down the sound - during CSI. And this from someone who barely grimaced at Bathtub Bloater Boy in “All For Our Country”.

Word to annieclaus about the blood drops. IIRC, someone said it was 23 degrees Fahrenheit in the walk-in. Doesn’t seem cold enough to freeze droplets solid in two seconds. (Is anyone else remembering Jack London’s short story “To Build a Fire”? The protagonist hears his spit freeze solid before it hits the ground, but that was more like forty below.)

I believe this is what made the episode so brilliant. Sure any hard lined horror lover, or true crime lover can look at the screen when someone gets bludgeoned with an Axe, or gets a slit throat…

But watch a group of grown adults in furry costumes, and infer there was a murder among them…now thats scary!

Me neither. I was wondering if it was an elaborate setup for that awful “fur and loathing in Las Vegas” pun.

I thought the funniest thing about it was that Grissom went to some lengths to try to provide a psychological rationale behind this behavior, instead of simply writing it off as “deviant”. Sure, there were some easy laughs, but afterall, who wouldn’t arch their eyebrows a little at some of the sights they saw? Still, Grissom’s the cold professional who observes and analyzes without passing immediate judgement, even at something that bizarre.

Silly business, but fun.

Remember the BDSM episode that ended with Grissom out cruisin’ in his new leather?

What are the chances that some time after the credits rolled on this one, ol’ Will got himself some stuffed animals, some amyl nitrate, and some hot lube, and then locked himself in his apartment for a couple of days?

Complex character, our boy Grissom.

I didn’t like this episode too much and I am disappointed with this season in general. It seems like they are trying to out do each episode on the “freak scale” and that they are constantly trying to set up sort-of-clever and not-so-funny one liners from the team. I liked it better when it was a bit more realistic.

I am not saying that it ever was realistic, but it has gone a little to far IMO.

I am listening to a song by Peter Gabriel called “Animal Magic” while I post this. That is a bit wierd.

I had a summer job once, working in the freezer of a dairy factory and the temperature inside was closer to -40 than 23F. And, no, 23 is not cold enough to freeze blood in two seconds. Actually, a 23F day in winter, is relatively balmy up here :eek: