Csi 5/9

Okay, I enjoyed the Miami show, and although I’m a happily married woman, Ainsley Hayes can sure wear a tanktop! (I don’t know her character’s name on CSI Miami.)

Anybody know Spanish who can translate what Horatio and Ainsley muttered to each other at the resort?

I still didn’t get a clear idea of the Miami characters…maybe in subsequent shows.

I am not clear on the science of this episode…A/C in a limo smells like the driver? Why didn’t he just do his crimes in Vegas when he was there…why drive cross country non stop with his victims?

And what was up with the honey and plastic? How did that tie in to the victims? I got that they all visited the resort, but did they visit the honey bar too?

I see we have another mysterious Grissom with Horatio.

Altogether, I think very promising. When will it normally air?

I can’t answer your questions about the clues because CSI clues don’t always make sense to me, but I liked the show a lot last night. The Miami team seems to consist of the David Caruso chief, the ballistics expert blonde girl, the Hispanic diver guy and the second-in-command jack-of-all-trades guy. I liked the friction between the feds and the MIAMI/DADE guys! And I thought the Miami coroner was good. If the coroner is not a part of the CSI team, they need another girl.
CBS will announce its fall schedule next week so we’ll know the time slot then. Could be a Monday night show; Could be a Wednesday night show. Could go back to back with Las Vegas CSI, but that might be a bit of overkill. I doubt that they’ll bury it on Friday. They need some help in MAX BICKFORD’S Sunday time period. Maybe there. . . but that’s a bit early in the evening for something as dark as CSI Anywhere.

Well if the A/C is on recirculate, then it takes air from inside the car, and sucks it into the A/C system. Then when you turn off the car, that air in the A/C system stays there. I guess the smell would linger as well. This guy had a very distinct and powerful smell due to his diabetes. (He himself didn’t realize it due to the fact that he smelled it all the time).

As for why he did it in Vegas, he went there to take out the Police Chief and his wife, who he met in Miami when they used his limo service (when they went to the resort). He was targeting them. The sicko guy had been to that honey club (not the victims), and he liked to use the honey on all of the females before he killed them (I guess he got off on it). So he had to bring the woman back to Miami to get some of the special honey (maybe he forgot to bring it to Vegas with him). Of course you can’t take a hostage on a plane, or anywhere public for that matter, so driving is the only option. Plus he needed to be back in Miami in order to get the Corwins when they came back from vacation.

I can’t say I really liked the Miami people. That girl’s accent was too much to handle, and I really didn’t like the coroner (though she might not be a regular). Horatio was cool though, I like when he threatened the sniper, he’s a little “harder” than Grissom, though Grissom can be equally nasty.