CSI 7/27 rerun - opening music

I need to find this song. It’s kind of emo (I guess), and has the words “the dreams in which I die are the best”. I thought it was beautifully woven into the opening sequence. Thanks for any help - beckwall, off radar for awhile but back in the swing of things (will consider swinging if you answer my question :cool: )

I didn’t see the episode, but could it be “Mad World” by Gary Jules, (“I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.”) which was most noticebly featured in the film Donnie Darko?

In the interest of thoroughness, it should be said that if that is the song you’re looking for, it was originally recorded and written by Tears for Fears.

I’m not beckwall but that’s the song. I fell in love with it the first time the episode was on despite the song’s emo qualities. I’ve been listening to it ever since.

It was indeed the cover of "Mad World’ by Gary Jules.

(remembers when “Mad World” was sung by Tears for Fears and the term “emo” hadn’t been invented yet)

…kids these days… :rolleyes:

Im going to be the guy to say this:

Mad World hit the charts in 1982.
The term “Emo” was invented 3 years later in 1985 to describe the “emotional” hardcore that was coming out of DC

3 year is not enough time to say “kids these days” roll your eyes

Emo isnt a new thing, its just alot cooler now then it was

although some would argue that Husker Du 1984 effort Zen Arcade was the pivotal shift into emotional hardcore from hardcore punk. making there a 2 year difference between the Mad World single and emo music

Last time I checked, it was the year 2006.

right. you were saying you remember when mad world was sung by tears for fears and the term emo wasnt invented yet.

the term emo was only invented 3 years after the song originally came out.

its not like emo was invented 3 years ago. it was invented 21 years ago.

And the song “Mad World” is even older than that. What was inaccurate about my statement? Am I not entitled to feel old now?

…kids these days…

I’m 52 years old, if that matters.

Thanks so much for the replies. I vaguely remembered the song and now I know that it was when I watched Donnie Darko. Love the movie, love the song.