CSI: Miami Sniper episode


Only half-way through watching this, but I gotta know: When was this in the can?

I would expect that it was completed quite some time before the regrettable events in the D.C. area, but it’s kind of spooky how familiar it is.

Some lines I would consider tasteless if they were penned post hoc. “When you have a human being in your sights, you become God.” Uh…

Crap, it’s back on.

It was kind of eerie. The thing that made it passable in my opinion was that it was in the can before the actual sniper attacks.

I kind of wished he shot Horatio though.

I heard that it was in production while the actual sniper attacks were happening, and that production was halted until they caught the guys, they continued.
Rather tasteless, IMHO.

Even if it was finished and “in the can” before the attacks, I still think it’s in poor taste to air it so soon after the attacks.
Just my two cents, of course.

First time CSI watcher last night… that was the episode I caught.

Is it just me or is that blonde lady (I guess Horatio’s partner) laughably unbeliveable and a terrible actress? I mean, the producers just can’t expect the audience to take her seriously?

Emily Proctor is a fine actress, but this role gives her nothing to do, and her make-up makes her look ugly.

The episode really fell apart at the end. They know the sniper may be on one of three buildings, so why the hell don’t they sent SWAT teams to all three instead of waiting to narrow it down?

And once you know the guy likes to be on a rooftop, don’t you immediately start checking all rooftops by helicopter? Sure, the gully suit would have made him harder to find (though I doubt it would shield him if they were looking for infrared), but it doesn’t make him invisible.

Thank you for saying this, bernse. I actually was looking to post this same statement this morning when I saw your post.

Emily Proctor is absolutely awful in this role!! Almost everytime she says something during the show, I laugh out loud at how incredibly bad she delivered her line. THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO EMOTION OR INFLECTION! And I mean it’s EVERY EPISODE, EVERY WEEK! In fact, I called my wife in from another room just to let her judge for herself & she was laughing out loud as well!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no actor, and certainly I’m not qualified to critique her performance, but if my wife and I noticed this, I’m sure other people (as well as the producers and writers of CSI:M) have as well. It really brings down the rest of the cast.

I never was a big fan of The West Wing, but I feel she was light years better in that role then compared to her role now. She should go back to TWW before it’s too late.

I feel the same about Emily Proctor’s role. I blame the writers for the majority of the problem. She is only given stupid one liners and never gets a chance to develop her character or actually carry on some meaningful dialogue.

With Kim Delany, out, please develop some othe characters on this show…

OK. Consensus is, good actress but absolutely shitty role?

I’d buy that. Man, its awful.