CSI: Miami 11/29 - the ending??

OK, I don’t understand the ending, other than creating some improbable reason for Horatio to act tough and determined. They had very strong evidence that the judge killed the hooker. Why wasn’t he arrested? Given the evidence, wouldn’t some Why didn’t Horatio tape the conversation? Why do i still watch this show the keeps pissing me off? Why David Caruso still get work? (Hm, I think i just answered that question…) The only thing I really enjoy is watching Emily Proctor. And I really emjoy that.

The ending was stupid and set up stupid stories to come, IMO. Anyone else?

He said he would get arraigned but would be out on bond immediately since he has “connections” in the courthouse. It would take 3 or more years to go to trial and during that time he would make Horatio’s solve rate plummet.

He’s not getting away with it exactly, justice is being delayed a looong time and Horatio gets screwed in the process.

Ok, I remember that part, now that you mention it. I still think it’s a stupid device. And if Callie Duquesne (Emily Proctor) ever quits, I’m outta there.

She is gonna quit, and go back to Washington to work in the White House.

I’m with you, Daddy - she’s the only reason I even turn to CBS on Monday nights.

It’s all part of CBS’ “Putting The Screws To CSI Team Leaders” Week (see: Ecklie’s fucking over of Grissom and crew last Thursday).

Tune in tomorrow to see Mac Taylor eaten by C.H.U.D.s…

Are you funning with me here, Sean? :dubious: Ainsley Hayes was a cooler character than her CSI persona, although she does wear much tighter tops on CSI … tough choice.

Not funning - this is on my Christmas wish list. I fell in love with Emily Procter as Ainsley. I thought she had better lines there and, except for your aforementioned tighter tops, was more worth my time. To me, her character on CSI: Miami is not as much fun to watch. She had some great comedic moments on The West Wing, but just spouts techno-babble now. :frowning:

I’d watch that even if it was on pay-per-view.