CSI: Not New York--Where else might they have set it?

CSI: Chicago would have been better than New York.

CSI: Savannah would have been better than New York.

CSI: London would have been the best.

Filming on location would probably be a logistical nightmare but CSI: DC would be interesting. Hot & humid in Summer (similar to New Orleans), cold in Winter with the possibility of heavy snow (like New York), Rock Creek Park (where Chandra Levy’s remains were found), the Potomac, diplomats, politicians, tourists, gangs, prostitutes, and (in some neighborhoods) occasional discoveries of unexploded munitions.


CSI: Sunnydale.
“Why we got so many people dying of exsanguination and then disappearing from the morgue?”

It doesn’t matter where they base CSI. They have the technology to cover the whole of the United States.
“There’s been a murder in Dallas!”

“Any photographs taken around the time?”

“Only this one taken in Chicago. We think it’s pointed in roughly the right direction.”

“Bring it up on the computer! Magnify… magnify… enhance… switch to digital display and false colour… magnify… now monochrome… enhance… rotate… There’s your man! Do a computer-match on the fingerprints we can see on his left hand there.”

CSI: Portland (Maine)

The CSI team comes to the scene of an apparent single car accident. There’s tuffs of dark fur and blood covering the car’s hood.

" Oh, looks like a wicked bad accident, eh?"

" Ayuh. Moose went right though the damn windshield, crushing the driver. He didn’t stand a chance."

" Yeah… think it might have some connection to the lobster boat thief ova at York beach?"

" Ayuh. Coulda been the black ice coating the road over theyah too, though."

" Yeah, wicked icy last night."

I think CSI: Twin Cities would be awesome of course, because I’m from Minnesota. One thing I always find so interesting about Minneapolis and St. Paul is how different they really are, even though they’re called the “Twin” Cities. St. Paul has so much history and Minneapolis (“Murderapolis” as it used to be called) is more the modern city. It would be awesome to be able to use that contrast. There are also some great real-life cases they could base episodes after, such as the recent deaths of some high school students in some caves in St. Paul. St. Paul was also a haven for gangsters at one point; they were given asylum there if they promised not to commit any crimes.
Awesome idea!

AOL, brother.

As to the theme song: I’m putting my dough on “I Can See For Miles”.

CSI Honolulu
they cover the neighbor islands and Guam

Take that, East St. Louis!

You beat me to it. I was just about to suggest Hawii CSI

Ah well, CSI Seattle has a nice ring.


Or how about a furturistic *CSI: Moon Base Alpha *? Whoops, that’s not the future, that was 1999.

I think all these spinoffs are getting to be a bit much, I expect NBC to go with all Law & Order all the time and CBS to follow with all CSI all the time. So maybe we will get to see all these suggestions used?

My beef with last night’s episode:

Miami – bright scenery, gorgeous, panoramic shots showcasing the vivid colors that make up the city.

New York – Slap the blue filter on the camera and make the entire city look like a dismal pit.

Maybe it’s not gonna win any “Beautiful City” awards, but the place is capable of looking nice and colorful, thankyouverymuch! :mad:

Anyway, aside from that nitpick…

I have a feeling this’ll be decent. Yes, NYC is overdone, but I don’t have too much of a personal problem with it. I love the city myself, and it’s sheer size can support multiple shows without biting storylines and locations from one another.

That said, I’d be intrigued by a CSI: Twin Cities. And I love the idea of a CSI: London.

Naaa…I think they’d be better off with “Baba O’Riley”. :wink:

Navy:NCIS is supposed to be the CSI:DC. Personally CSI:LaPlatta is what I wanted,

Preview is my friend.

That should have been CSI: DC

Heh! My roommate bristlesage and her fiance Dynosaur and I have been debating which Who song should be used for the last couple days. I am dead set on Baba O’Reilly. It doesn’t really keep with the theme, but it has that really cool shrieking bit. bristlesage is voting for I Can See For Miles.

I like the CSI: Chicago idea. Dead woman on the Blue Line tracks! Two Brown Line trains collide! Guy gets shot across the street from Wrigley! Gay guys accuse lesbians of bashing them on Halsted! And that’s just real life! Plus, I could be an extra! Yeah. Good plan.

Toronto is not south of Detroit.

Anyway, no Toronto resident would be able to suspend their disbelief for 44 minutes of a show with Toronto cops acting competently and honestly.

CSI and CSI: Miami work in part because the cities are characters. There’s really no place like Vegas or like Miami. New York, aside from the fact that it’s badly overdone, is just a really big city. That’s actually why Toronto wouldn’t work, either; it’s just a really big city. I can’t think of how either city’s essential character could be used in the show. They both HAVE character, but not in the obvious, visual way Vegas and Miami do.

New Orleans has that, although the city is poor and small. Honolulu, maybe. San Francisco?

“CSI: Hawaii” could feature a turf battle between the CSI cops and what’s left of Steve McGarrett’s “Hawaii 5-0” team. “Throw your walker at him, Danno!”

Wasn’t there alredy a Simpsons spinoff set in New Owleans? Chief Wiggum, PI?

There actually is a police show set in Hawai’i next season; Hawaii on NBC.

That works too… both of them sound a lot alike… :wink: