Ctrl+mousewheel = zoom in web browser

I just discovered this feature. Is new or have browsers been doing this for years?

I never heard of it before, thanks!

It works in Firefox 3.0.8.

In OS X, it enlarges the entire screen.

I’m using in in Google Chrome, and I checked it in Internet Explorer. In IE, it zooms the entire page, in Google Chrome it only affects the font. The jury is still out on Chrome for me.

beowulff I’ve got a macbook pro that I’ll have to try it out on.

It’s been in web browsers for years. MSIE did it at least ten years ago.

Here’s a tip: In Firefox, if you use your scroll wheel to click on a link, it will open in a new tab automatically. If you use the scroll wheel to click on a tab, the tab closes.

I’ve been using it at least 4 years, I think.

It’s been around for quite awhile. It also works in Excel, Word, Visio, Autocad and presumably other programs as well. Shift-scroll also has a special function in Visio, it pans left-right.

Yeah. And not just in a web browser. It’s a system wide feature.

Yeah that’s what I thought he meant.

I’ve known about it for years, but I have to say I learned something new regarding the wheel-click to open in a new tab. Awesome.
A couple of my most used keyboard shortcuts are [Windows Key] + E to open explorer, and [Windows Key] + M to minimize everything.

Just echoing what others have said: years, different with different browsers.

On Opera it affects the zoom of every element on the screen, even youtube video. Everything gets arranged to fit in the window though, so no spillover. Much better than the zoom in Firefox.

It’s been that way for years, and as Mojo Pin mentioned, Opera does every element, including Youtube videos and Flash games. Nicely handy for Flash games that run too big or too small by default. Flash even scales it’s vector graphics to the new window size.


Because I’m at work, I’m stuck with I.E 6 and the trick does not work. So maybe it came in with tabbed browsing. Thanks the the tip though, I’ll try it with FF at home tonight.

Firefox 3.0 changed which direction meant zoom out/zoom in. I still often do the reverse of what I want - I was used to the 2.0 way.

I think we even had a pit thread on that.

IE7 was terrible – zooming SDMB didn’t word-wrap. It’s better in 8, but not by much. I rarely use it, but I think zooming one page zooms all tabs. FF just zooms the active tab (and links subsequently opened from it).

It’s gotten a lot better over the years. Used to be that just text and a few elements zoomed, now just about the whole page does (though some things don’t at all and end up looking a bit lost).

If you need to, ctrl-0 will reset the zoom.