Cuban Teachers for South Africa

I received this from an analyst in Pretoria. I know Dr Jordaan personally and he comes from the Intelligence community and has excellent credentials.

Note: Cuban school teachers are communists. I say this because of a friend of mine who lectured at University and was highly opposed to the importing of Cuban teachers. He said that in Cuba, you are only allowed to get a higher education if you are a loyal communist. Hence, all Cuban school teachers are unquestionably communists. What we have here is the brainwashing of the next generation of South African children.

Dr Jordaan writes:-
The SA Government has approved the “importation” of science and maths teachers from Cuba to teach the SA teachers about teaching these subjects within the new education system called Curricullum 2005 - outcome based education. Most of the Afrikaner en thus white teachers left the education department and are replaced in schools by afro-ethnics. 80 000 of the new afro-ethnic teachers are not suitabily qualified or capable of teaching within the new education system. The Cubans have to teach them maths and science. The Afrikaners and euro-ethnics - that is whites - in South Africa split the atom, enriched uranium for export to western countries, advanced in the field of laser technology (sold to Maoist Red China) and was stopped by the American Administration from exploding a high-tech homemade nuclear device in the Khalahari desert. We developed the best vetrinary science in Africa at Onderstepoort - providing vaccine for tropical and sub-tropic diseases for the whole of central and even North Africa - and developed our own cattle breeds the Bonsmara and enriched the Red Afrikaner Cattle - for African climate and condition, but now the Cubans must come and teach us science!!

We developed high-tech surgical instruments for export and methods and techniques (heart transplant and heart - lung transplants) for practical science and by developing and producing the best 155mm artillary pieces in the 20th century - but now the Cubans have to come and teach maths and science to a people who brought the wheel to Africa in 1652 - 350 years of technology and science taught to the afro-ethnics by the euro-ethnics in schools that were destroyed by the revolutionaries using children with the slogan - Liberation before education.

I have to mention that all the top echelon of the Department of Education’s are all members of the SA Communist Party - therefore the Cubans have to come to South Africa to fulfil the agreement between the two communist governments. We may lose a whole generation of young people to self-management socialism.

Dr Chris L. Jordaan

(Note: Dr Jordaan refers to “Self Management Socialism”. This is the proper name for “The Third Way” - which is a “new” type of communism. In a nutshell, whereas old style communism just comes and takes/steals what it wants from the rich, the Self-Management Socialists preach “social responsibility” and get businesses to provide the funding for their socialist projects. It is merely the “new communism” and it overcomes many of the problems of the “old communism”. It has a huge following worldwide).

I think the debate here is whether this post is a drive-by or spam. Personally, I think it’s a drive-by, though I can certainly see how some poor, misguided sould could conclude it was spam.

Um…isn’t Cuba itself communist? So like, why would it be news that the teachers might be communist?

All right, I think I see the debate here. janl is asserting that Cuban teachers are teaching in South Africa.

A controversial and thought-provoking assertion, to be sure. I doubt any of you have the balls to refute it.


and lord know what havoc would come of it if students were taught COMMUNISTIC MATH & SCIENCE!!!

I bet those commies even teach that the Earth is solid, wring.


Ah, come on you guys! Any “Geo-strategist” will tell you the earth ain’t solid!

So the complaint seems to be that a bunch of white Afrikaners bugged out instead of continuing to teach and their replacements were found in Cuba (a country with a fairly high literacy rate, but no money and little to eat–meaning that SA gets education and the Cubans get a decent meal–sounds fair to me).

Now, we get to listen to the whining that is is just not fair that some Cubano is liable to be teaching science in the schools. (Lots of room for Marxist dogma in the middle of a Physics lecture, I’ll tell you. And the Marxist spin on the Calculus is simply frightening.)

Of course, had those cowardly Afrikaners simply held onto their jobs, there would not be much reason to be so frightened.

Sorry minty, I must be poor and misguided, 'cause I think it’s spam.

I’d also like to know whether it really took until 1652 for the wheel to roll into Africa.

Considering the ancient Egyptians had chariots, I’d say janl is full of it on that claim as well.

So what difference does it make if they didn’t have the wheel? The Incas were highly advanced-yet had not invented the wheel when the Spaniards eventually came…

minty, that can only mean that the Egyptians have only 350 years of history, rather than the few thousand that we were taught in schools. (probably by Communists.)

Just shows how racially superior the Spanish were, Guin. Unless the Spanish had slaughtered and subjugated the ungrateful wretches, the Incas most likely would have drowned en masse when they looked up at the sky the first time it rained.

Minty, I don’t know where you get off making such ludicrous assertions. You obviously have some personal agenda you wish to advance that has nothing to do with rational, open-minded debate. The OP is, as even the most casual observer can clearly see, a near textbook example of spam.

By the way, I believe the Incas had “invented” the wheel. It was not, however, in regular use but did appear in children’s toys.

Truth Seeker, it is patently obvious why you must continue to seek the truth. Spam, by definition, is posted or emailed to multiple recipients. janl’s OP shows no signs of being posted to many different locations, though I concede that it shows other indicia of spam, such as ludicrous claims and appeals to prejudiced emotion. But because this thread appears to be yet another one in janl’s series of one-off attempts at provocation, the only rational conclusion is that it is a drive-by.