cuisinart grill - no grease coming out? Why??

This is just weird. I’ve used this grill several times for 1 inch ribeyes. Not one drop of grease in the grease tray? :confused: We cooked two ribeyes for the 4th and no grease came out?

I used Foreman grills for years and always got a lot of grease in that pan you set in front of the grill.

These cuisinart grills have a built in grease tray. I was actually worried about the hidden grease tray. I was worried it would fill up and spill. You can see the Foreman grill grease tray fill up and empty as needed.

So far its empty. Never a drop of grease collected.

I’m most concerned about my health. The Foreman cooks at an angle and is designed to shed grease from the food.

This cuisinart is flat and so far hasn’t produced one drop of grease in the collection tray.

I’ve had the same experience as you. But I do love my Cuisinart grill.

I use the plates with the grill side up, not the flat side. Usually I cook mostly very lean cuts of round or tender chuck. While cooking, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of grease that cooks out, but once the plate is cool and ready to wash, there’s a whole lot of grease sitting between the grooves. But almost none in the drip tray.

I still like it better than the Foreman grill. Lots easier to clean and I like the variable cook temp.