Cul-de-Sac is ending.

The Otterloops are disappearing for good. The author of the strip, Richard Thompson, has Parkinson’s and is retiring the strip. I didn’t become familiar with it until the past year and have really enjoyed the adventures of Alice and her obsessive brother Petey. :frowning:

I liked it and I’ll miss it.

Except for the “uh oh” baby, of course.

Washington Post article

We just got this strip in the paper a few years ago but it quickly became one of my favorites. I had a feeling this was coming when they had a series of guest cartoonists doing the strip for him earlier this year while he was undergoing treatment.

Too bad that all the good comics have to end too soon and all the lame ones just go on forever.


Easily one of my two favorite strips, right up there with Get Fuzzy.

I totally understand why he’s stopping, and I wish Mr. Thompson all the best in the rest of his life, but I’m still sad that I won’t see Alice, Dill, Benny, Petey, Ernesto, Viola and the rest of the cast anymore. History will remember this as one of the truly great comic strips of all time.