Curb Your Enthusiasm - "Seinfeld"

Well I got my Seinfeld fix from that. Great episode. I’m glad they showed some new Seinfeld scenes.

Jerry was great. Telling Larry that he isn’t an icon. Taking Mocha Joe’s side in his argument with Larry.“Where are the beans? All you came back with is a traffic story.”

And Larry playing George was amazing.

What did everyone think?

If nothing else, I enjoyed it because that Funkhouser idiot wasn’t on it. Loved the Sein. Larry as George sounded like Larry as Steinbrenner. Liked the Jason-making-a-move-on-Cheryl story. Liked Mocha Joe, also.

This episode was one of my favorite Curb episodes ever. I loved how bad Larry was at playing George.
What I’m trying to figure out is if Cheryl actually dated Jason at all. The way she said they “had a big fight” it sounded like she was talking about a breakup more than a “falling out.”
Jerry and Seinfeld’s conversations were great throughout the season - I wish he would become a regular on the show.

I think this would make the perfect series finale.

Quite an enjoyable episode that almost had a complete Seinfeld episode within. It’s just remarkable how the four Seinfeld actors just picked up where they left off in the original series. As always Larry digs his own holes and manages to make the holes bigger and deeper the more he tries. Even at the end when Cheryl was back he couldn’t help himself in opening up another can of worms. But that’s him! This was a great finale to the season, but I hope there’s a Season 8 down the line.

Is there anywhere to watch this show online? It doesn’t seem to be on hulu. I’d love to see this episode.

I sent you a PM.
There’s also a great clip here that shows Jason coaching Larry on how to be George!

I was surprised at how little they appear to have aged, especially since in previous episodes of CYE I thought that Michael Richards and Jason Alexander looked quite a bit older. But once in character they looked the same as they did in 1997.

When Larry started watching the reunion show, my Tivo showed about a half-hour left in the episode*. For just a moment there, I thought maybe, just maybe, they’d actually made a full 22-minute Seinfeld episode – there’d have been just enough time for the Larry/Cheryl wrap-up afterward.

As awesome as that would have been, I did enjoy the scenes we got. The three guys totally picked up right where they’d left off – only Julia Luis-Dreyfus didn’t seem like she was fully back into the Elaine character. No biggie though, it was a real treat.

…And Larry finally wins Cheryl back, but is more concerned with the coffee table ring. That was just note-perfect CYE.

*The show didn’t run the full hour allotted by the HBO listings.