Curb Your Enthusiasm season 7 finale (open spoilers)

Haven’t seen a thread on this yet. This season has been a little spotty, but I thought the finale worked out really well, both with the mock Seinfeld reunion episode, and the resolution (sort of) of the Larry-Cheryl arc.

The stuff with Jason and Cheryl getting cozy, and Larry getting driven nuts by it was good, Jerry had some funny lines, the Seinfeld broadcast was spot on and played like an authentic episode, and The almost, but not quite sappy reunion of Cheryl and Larry was great too. I liked that they didn’t even quite get to their first reunited kiss before Larry immediately started with his neurotic crap about being blamed for the the ring stain on Julia’s table (JL-D is still hot, by the way).

I also think this season demontrated that the show has pretty much run its course, and this should probably serve as the series finale, but Larry David hasn’t officially called it quits as far as I know.

Other thoughts, opinions, reactions from anyone else who saw it?

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