Curse you, Sofa King, for beating me with your beaver picture!

Just as I was finally getting around to figuring out how to make a link to that dead beaver picture (which the Better Half spotted at their website yesterday and was kind enough to add to my Mom’s WEIRD Stuff Folder before he left for work), you have to go and post it in another thread. Dang! I wanted to be the one to bring it to Show and Tell.

Why couldn’t that have happened to the ones that used to live in our yard back up north?
(Got so bad the pond would over flow into the inground pool, and the pool area was raised slightly so it wouldn’t get flooded.)
D@mned beavers!

DDG - I had this strange mental image of Sofa King beating you with a picture of a beaver…yikes!

Boy, for a second there, I thought that link would pop up a picure of an old girlfrind of mine.


That’s definitely one of the funnier pictures I’ve seen in a long time. It’s now my wallpaper. Here’s a few more incongruous thoughts for the day from the lads at

Heh. I have now added the Dying Dotcom pic to the Better Half’s Computer Stuff folder. Teach him to say, “By the way, I put a beaver shot in your Weird Stuff folder” as he’s heading out the door…

Gracious Duck Duck Goose! I do hope you were not too badly hurt!