Curses on Hall and Oates and their cheesy yet catchy mid-eighties tunes!!

Arrggggh! Two days ago, I happened to hear a snippet, just a snippet of a Hall and Oates song on VH1 Classic channel.
Ever since then, I’ve been hearing:

“M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E!!” in my head about every five minutes.

And it’s not even the whole song, just that one little part which makes it twice as annoying. I’ve tried listening to other catchy songs, I even resorted to the “La, la, la, la, la, la” song by Kylie Minogue, hoping that it would replace “M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E!!” but no luck.


Any suggestions??

I never listen to any Hall and Oates from after '81 or so.

Try that 'Please don’t go" song, or “The Ketchup Song” as an antedote.

See ya in Cafe Society?

prii-iiivate eyes! (clap)
they’re watcing you! (clap clap)
they see your every move…


antIdote :smack:

“The Ketchup Song”? Oh, you mean “The This-is-not-a-Macerena-ripoff-song-even-though-we-have-a-cute-little-dance-and-unintelligible-lyrics-too-Ketchup song”. Hey, that just might do the trick though. :slight_smile:

What really bugs me about this stupid Hall and Oates song is that the chorus goes, “METHOD OF MODERN LOVE” but then they only spell out “METHOD OF LOVE”. My brain is always trying to fit the “Modern” in there. I think that’s why it’s stuck in my head in the first place.

Stooopid missing word. Bah.

Yeah, I feel ya. To further define my first sentence in that quote, I usually stop at track 9 or 10 on The Very Best of Daryll Hall and John Oates. I think there’s 16 tracks.

My advice: do not listen to Air Supply, you will substitute one cheesy mid-80s band for another.

lel, who has been addicted to Air Supply for way too long.

I once heard a theory that the reason you get a song REALLY stuck in your head is because you don’t know the lyrics, and your brain is trying to complete the song, but keeps getting stuck. So maybe you should (and I know this sounds radical) listen to the song again, and concentrate on the rest of the lyrics.

But my real secret weapon is “Back to Life/Back to Reeeeality.” That seems to shove any other annoying song right out of my head, yet doesn’t get stuck itself. It’s PERFECT.

Thanks, SwimmingRiddles. You’ve just managed to make that song get stuck in my hed. Quick, I must think of songs that were played during the dance at tonight’s wedding banquet…


But they can make all your demons be gone.

Which has got to be worth something.

Hall and Oates stuck in your head?

Say it isn’t so.

Don’t knock Hall and Oates. For a time only Journey’s ‘Open Arms’ was better at seperating teenage girls from their panties.

And that should earn them a medal, at least.

Oh Baboon, you rascal.

I’ll suggest Your Smiling Face by James Taylor. Of course, it got stuck in my head for three solid weeks, once – and I still, years later, am forced to run screaming from the very mention of the title lest it insinuate inself back into my synapses…

Oh, so true. They are both equal in their cheesiness.

I tried listening to it again so as to possibly cancel it out, but forgot to stop the CD after “Method of Modern Love” and now I have:

“I can’t go for that,
No, noooo,
No can do”

firmly stuck in my brain.


runs screaming from room

You’re lucky you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It has Hall and Oates on its radio, and 85 other horrid 80’s musicians.

Cheesy as they may have been, made worse by their insipid videos, some of their work is better than good IMHO, particularly Rich Girl and She’s Gone.

Pfft! Trying growing up with a mom who counted H&O among the best bands of all time and having lyrics like this implanted into your brain.

But if you insist on blowing my bliss
I’ll tell you this
If you want to know what the reason is
I only smile when alive, then I’ll tell you why

(Because your kiss) your kiss is on my list …:eek:

rips up the list

It’s not there now!


Now I have a mix of Hall & Oates, Air Supply and Journey in my head.

Thank you all very much! Yay! :smiley:

Oh yeah…

“And I can’t fight this feeling any longer…”