Cursor of destruction

Does anyone else think that if they move their mouse fast enough to the side, they’ll eventually smash the arrow through the side of the minitor in an explosion of sparks, broken glass, and Microsoft software?

Um…no. But, I have had my pointer move all by itself. No joke. It’s like it’s being controlled by some force. Any explanations?

“Life is hard…but God is good”

It’s God, Adam. Must be trying to tell you something. Does it spell anything out?

ARG/Adam: Check your mouse sensitivity. Otherwise, defective (or old) mouse. I had a mouse for a few years that started to do that.

It’s bernard, just under new management

We’ve got one at the office that does this. I’ve been thinking I should perhaps scan a ouija board in for wallpaper and see what it’s trying to tell us.

Omni, long night? Strange topic, dude.

Screw the arrow. The hourglass has me going batty.


Ah yes! I’m glad to see my telekinesis is coming along nicely!

Omniscient: I wish!

I love it when my cats get up on my desk and bat at the moving cursor…and look behind the monitor for it when it moves off the edges.