Cute free FPS shooter game

I recently stumbled upon a great little first person shooter, its free, graphics feel kinda like world of warcraft, slightly cartoonish toy soldieresque generic soldiers that look kinda WWII Brisish and German. No blood, no deep tactical meaning, just a fun for all kinda shooter. Also runs decently on lower speed hardware with the settings turned down.

It has a leveling element and an option to purchase some upgrades for real money, but I am having a blast on $10 worth of upgrades.

First person shooter shooter game? :wink:

I signed up and created a character. After basic training I got connected to a game, I guess. There was only one other person playing, they were on my team so there wasn’t even any fighting. I captured a control point then got booted by “punkbuster”. :confused:

Also, some thoughts:

[ul][li]It’s not a FPS. It’s a third-person shooter[/li]Reminds me of the Team Fortress series. Only because of the different classes though.[/ul]

I played this game for about 4 months when it went into beta…and enjoyed it immensely.

However, EA changed their previous statements (many) that they would not sell in-game items that would give players advantages - only “appearance” items would be sold.

Well, they changed their minds and now have completely ruined the game in my opinion by nerfing the free weapons and making it necessary to buy the “pay” weapons if you don’t want to be pwned by all your opponents.

Really? I just started playing a few minutes ago and I noticed a lot of my opponents had the advertised guns and we seemed decently matched, and I have no exceptional skill with shooters.