cutest poster yet

Here is my adorable son,at

My brother Kevin…

and me…

Yes, it’s my driver’s license pic, it’s the only picture I could find.

Oh, he’s cute I guess… But I think his mom is cuter! :wink:

Yer pal,

Vanilla, he is SO cute!

However, I’m biased, so I have to say that my boy is, in fact, the cutest.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

All are VERY cute!!!

However, you’re lucky I haven’t gotten this website/photo thing figured out. I would show you the cutest kids you have ever seen!


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

So, how do you post a picture?

Here Louie: <img src=>
However, I have to insist… MY son is the cutest… let’s just face the facts, as they are.
<img src=>

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

my baby brother has got to be the cutest

Oh Satan,thank you!You are so nice! I never thought I’d thank satan(but I’m not)he’s not REALLY satan. :wink:

Wait a minute, he’s not really Satan? I guess that explains why Winona Ryder never called. Now gimme my soul back.

Wow! Really cute babies, everyone! But mine are the cutest.
This is Eddy,é2.JPG

And this is Danny.

What can I say? I’m their VERY PROUD Dad. :slight_smile:

Cute pictures.
sigh I feel much better now.

slythe: you’re welcome.

I think OfficeGirl herself is the cutest…

(Should I be admitting that?)

Oh MY… GuanoLad, you’ve made me blush.

Maybe you were being facetious…?

OfficeGirl’s Cubicle Farm

“Argue for your limitations; sure enough, they’re yours.”

Er… well, no I wasn’t, actually.



The Kidpony is the one on the bottom right

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

hmmm…let’s try this again…

No, no, no. My kids are the cutest – and if I could figure out how to post the photo, I’d show you all! :slight_smile:

MY son is so cute ( voice from the back) HOW CUTE IS HE? He’s so cute that he has to be locked away because his adorableness starts riots wherever he goes.

( Picture not included because
a) Mommie is a techno retard
b) Your poor little hearts couldn’t stand his cuteness.
c) All of the above.