CV Format In UK?

Google gives an inordinate amount of results, and I am not wholly confident in advice I see on some of the sites. It seems like crap fluff paid content.

I’m a mental health provider from the US looking to apply for jobs in the UK. Yes, already submitting for licensure. Any reliable and/or standard CV formats to recommend? I do not wish to post my resume, but if there is anyone who would look at it to see if the formatting is good, that would be great too.

Good morning, I’m a UK professional who does a lot of recruitment (albeit in a very different field). I’m happy to look over your CV if you’d like.

Some general pointers:

List your name, address, linkedin profile address, tel number, URL if you have one, but no date of birth. It’s illegal for recruiters in the UK to ask your age (for age descrimination reasons).

Give a short intro at the top, summarising your skills.
Next, list your work experience, latest job first.

List your qualifications and education at the end.

Add any extra info (eg outside interests, awards) at the end.

Don’t go on too much about how much you love your children - personal info is fine if it shows you’re an interesting individual, but self indulgent if it goes on.

And don’t include a photo.

Keep styling to a minimum. Keep it to 2 sides of A4.

Oddly enough, those same rules apply in the US.

Thank you. Sounds quite similar to US. Send PM to Sanvito.

How many years back? US standard is ten, but may be more if your last few jobs lasted years.

Unfortunately, San Vito email is undeliverable.

Oh dear, don’t know why. Have just accepted your friend request, maybe that’ll help.

CVs usually cover your whole career, not just 10 years (obviously older jobs need less detail).