Cyberhome is where the heart is.

This is mainly for those who have no life offline. Or a very lonely life.

You forgot porn.:wink:

It’s by choice, but it does get lonely sometime, almost unbearably so.

My cyberhome is in Morrowind.

I am also very lonely – I have no offline friends.

What is it?

A game, the third in the Elder Scrolls series of which the fifth is the more widely known Skyrim. The guards are just as quotable.

Thanks. I am level 99 in Range, Magic, Constitution, Summoning, Slayer.


I used to post on a couple of other forums but now primarily here.

No 99 farming??

Only 87. I do have 99 defense.

I live mostly offline, but if I did not, SDMB would be where I spent the most time online (non-work online anyway).

I spend most of my cyber time on Wired, Reddit, and games like GTA V Online, Arma 3, and Planetside 2.

Auraxis for me as well.

Forgive me my ignorance of modern games. Is there anything as good a Runescape?

Cyberhome – a forum, Social Network, website, or a game into which a Homo Interneticus has invested substantial posting time and energy.

Cybermuzzle – a moderator’s threat to evict a Homo Interneticus from his/her Cyberhome unless the Homo Interneticus changes his/her cyberbehavior.

Is Cyber Citizen 1985 being Cybermuzzled?

I spend half my online time in Second Life, half in various Facebook groups. That is about half my day. I homeschool my 10 year old, cook, clean, and take my daughter to her various therapies but my fun time is online. I have a few friends IRL but they’re all important people with busy lives.

I live offline, but visit this world often. My life is one of an amazing relationship (almost 26 years), it took work but is worth every second, friends and family of choice. I’m about the luckiest happiest person I know.

I visit online for conversation and to read new/interesting things.