Cyborg Can't Stop Mammoth

I mean, I’ve been playing this game at expert level the past week and I CANNOT seem to get past this bastard to play Cinderblock and Plasmus.

Cyborg has a nice range of moves but this is just embarrassing.

Hrm. I beat it with Cyborg on intermediate the first try - only to get my ass handed to me by Jinx when I switched to expert. Go figure.

It’s not a bad little game!

It’s addictive as hell, I’ll give you that. I’ve been trying to win this game with each character on each level of difficulty for three weeks now.

Jinx will hand your ass to you quick if you’re not careful.

I finally beat Mammoth on expert level with a series of mid-air jumps executed as SOON as the game begins – add a few cyber stomps and some well timed sonic cannon shots, (which you can’t always do.) The trick is to time a jump so he runs under you and as you land, turn around and blast him 2-3 times with the sonic cannon. Once you get him down to orange and/or red and you’re still green you can win it easily. Also: work the girders in the right hand corner. If you can get up there before he does you can usually get 2-3 shots.

Cinderblock and Plasmus are pretty easy to beat. I can beat Cinderblock with cyber stomps exclusively, which is pretty fun.