The last two game characters you played as fight. Who wins?

Post inspired by this awesome Fallout vs Skyrim crossover where the Lone Wanderer and Dovahkiin fight.

Like in the vid the fight is to the death, with whatever weapons they happen to have on them.

The last two games I played were State of Decay, the open world zombie sandbox and The Wolf Among Us, the Telltale RPG.

So that pits Marcus Campbell against Bigby Wolf. For me it’s a curbstomp battle; while Marcus is an expert zombie slayer and crack shot with an M14 Bigby Wolf is…the Big Bad Wolf. Marcus has no silver bullets either, so he gets his throat ripped out in seconds.

It’d be Fallout New Vegas’ Courier vs. Mordecai from Borderlands. The way I developed my Courier on that particular play through, he was rather similar to Mordecai. It’d end up being a long distance sniper duel and the first time one got the other in his sights it would all be over with a single head shot.

Level 60 Doppleganger vs Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt with all the upgrades. Would be a good fight, but I’m leaning towards Doppleganger Jack. I have him specced with badass holograms that resurrect him when they die if he is in “Fight for your life”, explode everytime they die/resummon and are packing nova shields to boot. Unless Rex starts out far way and does a 360 no-scope with a sniper rifle or something equally lucky, he is toast.

My veggie Sim Plantie Flowers would demolish the Royal Envoy in in this cute casual game I’m up to level 22 in.

This would probably be a more fruitful exercise if I played FPS or fighty games.

Umm, a level 40 Maya from Borderlands 2 and Steve. She eats him for breakfast.

I’m afraid Minecraft Steve and his diamond pickaxe, Infinity bow & full suit of enchanted armor would quickly become a bloody puddle after encountering Big Dave’s 750hp Scania Streamline hauling an urgent load of potatoes from Rostock to Düsseldorf. Though I suppose, with enough foresight, Steve could rig the entire autobahn with 25,000 blocks of TNT or something like that.

Come to think, there’s very few problems in Minecraft that a few stacks of TNT can’t solve.

If your Courier played Old World Blues and survived the Big Empty he might have a Tesla Coil instead of a brain, and he’s already survived two bullets to the brainpan. Then again maybe Bloodwing can distract the Courier enough for Mordecai to line up a shot.

Door kickers and This war of mine.

A Swat guy with an assault rifle from Door Kickers against Roman and Katia from This war of mine.

The Swat guy shoots Roman once and leaves. Over the next day, Roman’s wound gets infected because there aren’t any bandages. Katia doesn’t leave the shelter that night because Roman must sleep so she has to pull guard duty.

They’re short on burning wood and the weather’s getting colder so on the next night, Katia ventures out while Roman sleeps to hopefully get better. They both know the risk of not leaving someone on guard but it’s the best they can do.

The following morning, Katia comes back and sees that the shelter was robbed. Roman was further injured and the robbers took all the food that was left.

The third night, the robbers don’t come but Katia finds Roman dead from his wounds. She collapses into foetal position, broken, and does nothing but cry on the cold, dirty floor. Just like her, the furnace goes unfed and it starts to get colder inside the shelter. Katia becomes sick. If she could just find the strength to get up, she could get drunk and forget about her plight for just a little while, just enough to have the motivation to eat and take medicine, but she just doesn’t have the will anymore.

The following day, she hangs herself.
Winner: Swat guy from Door Kickers.

That’s be Lion, from Dota 2, vs. Sarah Kerrigan. He might be able to inconvenience her for about 5.5 seconds, but I’m going to give this one to the Primordial Queen of Blades. Not only is she much more powerful than him all on her own, but she also has an army (much larger than his, incidentally) that actually obeys commands.

Since I’ve been on an indie game kick, I’m afraid that it would be a fight between Isaac, from The Binding of Isaac, and Katie from Gone Home, a game with no fighting.

So, on the one hand, Isaac can kill with his magical tears an unarmed girl, I guess. On the other, Katie can always just use her ability to pick random blunt objects and bash Isaac’s head in without being in any danger, as long as she walks diagonally towards him.

The last 2 games I played were Planetside 2 and Arma 3. Both don’t really have characters with specific loadouts/abilities. But given my last 2 played loadouts and no respawns, I think my last Arma 3 character would win, even though Planetside 2 characters can take more damage. My Arma 3 character had either a .408 caliber sniper rifle with thermal sights or an AA-12 shotgun with 20-round drum magazine filled with HE rounds.

It would be really neat if game assets were made with a modular system where we could move players, vehicles, and assets from one game to another, and they would retain all their properties and abilities.

He did visit the Big MT, but he and his brain were reconciled. I figure ED-E and Bloodwing more-or-less cancel each other out. In general, the Courier is more durable than Mordecai and has, thanks to implants, some regenerative ability. Mordecai , OTOH, has weapons at his disposal that are capable of one-shotting the Courier. Thus, the enhanced durability and regeneration are kind of a moot point.
If it came down to close range combat, Mordecai might actually have the edge. Give him a good gunfighter artifact and one of the high-end full-auto pistols with huge magazine capacity and elemental effects, and I think he’d obliterate the Courier in just a second or two.

Let’s see, I suppose Dirk the Daring would beat Ms. Pac-Man.
(Yeah, it’s been a VERY long time since I played video games!!!)

That would be good ole Nathan Drake, vs the apparently unkillable Commander Shepard.

They’re both good with a gun. I think I give points to Drake for athleticism because of the Parkour, but for this I would go with Shepard because he actually has armor on as well as shields + biotic abilities as opposed to guns and a button down/jeans.

Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 versus the POTUS from Saint’s Row 4.

Normally I’d assume that the POTUS would mop the floor with Leon, but he does have experience fighting superpowered assholes. I’d say odds are 5:1 against Leon, but they’d improve to 3:1 against if Ada is around to toss him an emergency rocket launcher. It’d be an interesting fight.

Also, hats off to MichaelEmouse, that was brilliant.

Should’ve brought the Fat Man!

Here’s one for you from my previous two played games; Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite vs Alcatraz from Crysis 2. DeWitt has Vigors but Alcatraz has the nanosuit.

Level 28 Nisha the Lawbringer vs. the Randall Wayne, the protagonist in Deadlight.

Nisha wins. That guy can’t even swing an axe a couple times without doubling over in exhaustion.

I was wondering when a mini nuke, Mercy, or Annabelle would make an appearance. Or Stealth Boys. I think the guy I played in Arma 3 during the demo would have an easier time with Strelok, even with artifacts and a Red Army hazardous environment suit.

Going with my previous two games, that would be Booker DeWitt against the Saints Row 4 POTUS. Out of the simulation where the POTUS isn’t super powered, I gotta give it to DeWitt. His guns are pretty well equal to anything the POTUS has, plus he has vigors and the POTUS does not. Inside the simulation, the POTUS is so ridiculously super that Booker wouldn’t qualify as more than a mini-boss.
Since I did do the DLC for Bioshock Infininte, I guess I should include Elizabeth in the discussion. In her incarnation as a playable character, unable to open any tears and physically rather fragile, she doesn’t stand a chance against the POTUS.

The last two games I played were Katamari Damacy and Final Fantasy IX.

The Prince of All Cosmos isn’t really a combat oriented dude, but he also can’t be killed in his world. And if he gets his Katamari large enough, he can roll up not just people, but entire islands.

Then again, Vivi and Garnet both have magic, and Quina and Zidane are pretty large so the Katamari would have to get pretty large before it’s a problem for them.

I think it would come down to whether or not the Prince can take damage. If he’s vulernable, well, Zidane could basically step on him to deal enough damage to off it. If he’s not, Zidane and crew can run across continents all they want, but it will only delay the inevitable.