I finally had a chance to get some play time in this past weekend, and have to say, Spider-Man is a lot of fun. I’m still early in the game. The last boss I beat was Shocker.

The web swinging puts a smile on my face every time, even if it can be a little hard to control if you’re not on a straight away. The fighting is very Arkhamish - combo and dodge, combo and dodge. Exploring and side missions are a huge part of the game. I found myself disregarding muggers and car thieves as I explored Lower Manhattan and Hell’s Kitchen. I still haven’t found Nelson & Murdock Attorneys at Law, but I did find this Strange building.

As you level up and accumulate different kinds of points you unlock skills, suits, each with a particular suit power, and gadgets.

Anyone else playing?

I wish - from what I’ve seen of it on YouTube it does seem very fun. Alas, no PS4. And no time, if I’m being honest.

Yeah, PS4=Sony. Non-MCU Spider-Man=Sony. No other platforms. I’d love to play this on Xbox.