Does my Spider-Man computer game have a bug?

I posted this question a few months ago, but it got lost when the board melted down.

I bought a Spider-Man computer game for my son for Christmas. Actually, it was for me, but I had to buy it for my son so my wife would let me get it. :slight_smile:

The game is great, but I’ve got a problem. Once I … I mean, once my son kills the bad guys at the bank and finishes off the Scorpion at the Daily Bugle, Spidey has to swing and jump among the rooftops while New York’s Finest try to shoot him. And eventually, he winds up on a crane. According to the Spidey Compass, he’s supposed to swing to another crane nearby. But when Spidey does this, the game shows a fixed loop of animation in which he falls to his death. Nothing I do … I mean, nothing my son does prevents Spidey from dying once he starts to swing toward the crane.

I can’t tell you how many times I … I mean, my son has tried to get past this stage in the game, to no avail. So, a question to anyone else who has the computer version of the Spider-Man game – how do you get past this stage? Does my game have a bug in it that prevents me from advancing? Or am I not doing something right?

(Based on comments I’ve seen elsewhere, the Nintendo version of the game doesn’t kill you when you swing toward the crane.)

If this is a PC game, you may be able to visit the games website and download a patch program which will fix this problem. (The website address would probably be in the documentation)

They might also have a forum and/or tech support area where they can answer your questions. :slight_smile:

I just thought I should mention that of course a Spider Man game would have a *bug in it :smiley:

Well, what I’m hoping to find out is if I’m just not doing something correctly. Anybody got this PC game?

This response is probably late but anyway:

I’ve played that Spider-Man game on both my PSX and my PC, and I too encountered the problem of which you spoke, but only on the PC version. It’s been a long time but I think the issue is more one of timing than you not doing something right. Sorry I can’t be of more help but all I can tell you is to keep trying.


IMO this particular bug isn’t as bad as the one that some people (myself included) came across during the “Follow Venom” sequence. At one point during a cutscene(!) Spidey jumps through the side of a building, then promptly falls to his death. The problem of course is that during this scene YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HIM. So there’s nothin to do but repeatedly play the sequence up to that cutscene and pray that Spidey makes the jump. (He never did on my machine) :mad:

I would up un-installing the game out of frustration.

The Activision forums were so full of irate buyers of this buggy game that they eventually shut the boards down.

BTW, there is no patch.

You might want to try the new “Spider-Man: The Movie” game that’s out now. I’ve got it and it’s a blast.

I haven’t experienced any game-stopping bugs yet, and I’m near the end.

Thank you very much, Mann Slaughter. About a month ago, a kind Doper e-mailed me with a link to a gaming site that listed cheats for Spider-Man. Using one of the cheat codes, I was able to bypass the end of the levels with the bugs in them. This allowed me to finish the game – which, by the way, I highly recommend.

I THINK the site was, but I’m not sure.