Cycling survey

This thread was inspired by the ‘whatcha drivin’ thread from a couple weeks ago. Here’s the questions:

  1. What bike(s) do you have?
  2. How many miles do you do a year?
  3. Any racing?
  4. Which do you prefer, on-road or off-road riding?

My answers:

  1. An Airborne Lucky Strike Ti MTB, A Univega MTB set up for commuting/touring, and a Cannondale R800 road bike.
  2. Last year about 2800, which included about 3/4’s of a Land’s End/John O’Groats tour
  3. Not in a long time
  4. Off-road

This thread was inspired by the ‘whatcha drivin’ thread from a couple weeks ago. Here’s the questions:

  1. What bike(s) do you have?
  2. How many miles do you do a year?
  3. Any racing?
  4. Which do you prefer, on-road or off-road riding?

My answers:

  1. A Cannondale R600 and a Trek XX2000.
  2. Maybe 400 miles/year, combined.
  3. Never.
  4. Off-road, though I mostly ride on-road.

Uh, sorry about including the OP before…

…and I forgot to mention a bike I stil have floating around somewhere: a GT/Dyno ProPerformer.

Well I used to ride around 20k + miles per year for maybe 15 to 20 years and now since I rarely venture out the weight has piled on.

Guess I must be at least 28pounds above my racing weight.

Still have some of the bikes though,

Pennine track machine.

Otterdini - 653 roadie

Giant CF-1 carbon fibre roadie

Gary Fisher Joshua - Mountain bike.

Hmm, looks like I’ve got to get back out there.

Forgot about the racing, yup, had a go at most types of it, grass-track, time trial, bunch start, mountain bike and cyclo-cross.

Never was any good except at the long long events such as 100 mile to 12 hour races, it just became a way of life, had a lot of fun though.
Can’t say which I prefer, I like just being on a bike.

I built my own bike off the frame of an old Univega. I also have a Mongoose moutain bike.

I rode alot last year, I guess about 300+ that was actually rides, add another couple hundred just riding around the city.

I’m going to start racing as soon as Miami University’s Bike club starts up again. Go MU Flyers!

I like long distance tours, like the MS-150 etc. But now that I finally got a moutain bike I’m enjoy showing off by going down the stairs on the way to class. Fun stuff.

Well, this is my first post here to the boards, and I’m glad that biking came up. The MTBR messageboard that I look at occasionally has degenerated to mostly flaming and little content.
My answers:

  1. An aluminum Gary Fisher hardtail mountainbike, and a lovely steel Univega roadie. I commute on the road bike, so it’s got fenders on for the winter, but even with them on, it looks killer. My Fisher is semi-tricked out, scratched up and no-nonsense. I love 'em both, in their own ways.
  2. I rode about 1500 miles last year, and hopefully I’ll log more this year, since I only started commuting by bike in the fall. Maybe 70% of the miles were on the road, but even so, I consider myself a mountain biker first. I’m always wishing my commute was through the woods. Hmm, maybe it could be.
  3. No racing at all. I may try sometime, but not yet.
  4. I prefer off-road riding, but I have to admit I’ve gotten to like road riding more and more.

Private name mountain bike from a sporting goods “super store” in SF Bay Area

I ride about 3500-4000 miles/year,all commuting

Occasionaly race a duathlon though I usually run 10k-1/2 marathons

Much prefer off-road riding but since I live in the flatlands,that is all in the past

My answers:

  1. An old 27" Nishiki Touring bike. Not a great bike, but it is solid and gets me around.
  2. Last year I only rode about 700 miles. It was the first under 1200 mile year in the last 4 years. I spent May with a badly sprained ankle.
  3. Never raced. Don’t want to.
  4. On Road, however I also have a GT mountain bike which gets me around on flat trails. I spent some time last year on the old logging roads in Michaux State Forest.

My biggest rides last year:

MS-150, Pittsburgh to Lake Erie. 2 day, about 75 miles a day.

A friend and I Rode from White’s Ferry, MD to Leesburg, VA where we picked up the W&OD trail from Leesburg, VA to Washington DC. The MT. Vernon Trail to Georgetown, and the This is a paved trail. We then rode back to White’s Ferry on the C&O Canal trail. Wonderful fun. I’d recommend it to anybody.

This year we’re planning on riding the W&OD trail to Mt. Vernon and back, staying on the paved trails.

Where I live now, I plan to ride a bike trail to work. The Hoodlebug trail goes from Homer City, PA to Indiana, PA, practically from my house to my work.

  1. Handbuilt Reynolds 853 road bike with campag bits - made by Condor Cycles, London. This is a far better bike than I deserve.
  2. Used to do about 75 per week, so that’s about 3500 when taking into account vacation time (I mainly cycle as a means of getting to work). I am now getting fat and lazy - don’t dare calculate as it upsets me how sedentry I have become. I will have to start again next week though 'cos London Underground have decided to reduce how many trains they run on my route due to tunnel rebuilding. That should get me up to 125 per week for at least the next 14 weeks.
  3. No
  4. Road 100%

Gawd, I feel like such a white-trash cyclist.

  1. A twenty year old Peugot ten speed fitted with wide “touring” tires and rims.
  2. Usually do 400km (240 miles) a year; keep in mind we have snow from Halloween till late April.
  3. Have done some “pledge” races; enter a team and ride in relays to raise money for charity.
  4. 90% paved road and trail, 10% unpaved but reasonably decent trail.
  1. Lightning Stealth (aka Phantom) and BikeE CT. Also got a Bike Friday SatRDay folding recumbent bike on order.
  2. Currently averaging about 60 miles a week, which comes out to 3000 miles a year - if I manage to keep it up.
  3. No, but hope to do a century or two this year.
  4. Road.

Recumbent bikes may not be fashionable and cool, but I find them to be extremely comfortable and fun. Withought them I wouldn’t be getting any excercise.

I ride a Minelli Mt. Echo that I bought 4 years ago.
I commute 40 to 60 km a week… plus incidental riding. The calculator says that works out to 3120 km/year… or a shade under 2000 miles for you bonehead imperialists :slight_smile:
Don’t race… I just like to ride!
I’m a road guy. I know too many folks who have busted themselves up bad when they hit a tree.
Minor Hijack: What conditions stop you from driving? Rain? Snow? Lightning? Wind?

I tend to bike in everything because I have the gear for it (Gotta love Gore-tex!). In Vancouver BC it’s actually more dependable to bike in a snowstorm than drive or bus! But when I was in Montreal I still biked in snow drifts up to 50 cm (foot-and-a-half ?) high… on my 10-speed!

I just got a bike from a pawn shop last year. It’s some kind of Indian-made bike (can’t remember the name - looked it up on the net and found the company based in India). Couldn’t find a dealer here in the US at all! Weird!

It’s a heavy sucker, more of your “old lady” bikes with a big fat seat and flat handle bars. It needs a tune-up bad cause the chain keeps falling off whenever I try to put it in first gear.

Once spring rolls around here in MI, I’m going to get it tuned up, get a couple of saddlebags for the side, a basket for the front and a rear mudguard and ride it to work during the warm seasons.

Looking forward to it!

Lots of bikes in my house (see my site), but I’ll limit myself to the ones I ride regularly.

Bontrager Race Lite-- One of the last of the real Bontys.
Barracuda Singlespeed-- Rigid, steel and fun.
Schwinn Aluminum road bike-- For when the trails are muddy.

Miles? I have no idea.

Racing? Why take the fun out of it? Never.

Off-road by far.

Hmm…let’s see…

  1. Cannondale R600 for training; Quintana Roo Tequilo for racing (triathalons).

  2. About 1000 miles a year…mostly spring and summer.

  3. Never done just a road race…not sure if I want to withstand the spanking I would receive. I do a bunch of duathalons and triathalons (trying my first half ironman this summer).

  4. Always road, although I definitely want to try mountain.

Cannondale MT2000 tandem mountain bike
Trek ?? MTB (ok, I’m not gearhead enuf to remember the model, sorry. fully rigid, pure chromoly beauty on wheels)
Trek ?? roadbike (just got it, it’s very retro early 80’s)

Those are the ones I ride anyway; we have about 20 bikes at last count, but most don’t get ridden much.

Not enough, not nearly enough. If I rode enough, I wouldn’t be lugging this extra 30 lbs around.

Race once or twice a year, as an excuse to ride certain trails that are quite a distance away. I generally finish somewhere near DFL, as I am s l o o w w w.

12MOH is NOT going to be fun this year; I’ve been ontrail maybe twice in the last 3 months. And I’ve promised to do it tandem. Oy vey! [/whine]

Offroad. Definitely offroad. I only got the roadbike because none of the local trails have been rideable since NOVEMBER!!! due to unceasing precipitation. [/ok now I’ll really stop whining]

Ride on, kids!