D.C. area Dopers? No not you, crackhead!

O.K., we have Canada, Europe, Houston, Minnesota.

What about y’all in the Washington Area?

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I’m here!! Live in Silver Spring. Anyone else??

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Used to live in Manassass and Fairfax.

Not at the same time.

Dad still lives in Circle Towers… I visit fairly frequently…

Yer pal,

I grew up in Reston. My parents still live there (don’t know why) so I visit on occasion.

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Native Washingtonian here - now in Beltsville, Md.


Me’n Opal are in Fairfax. The Fairfax Journal even did an article about her website :slight_smile:

Marion Barry here. Oh, wait you said no crackheads. Sorry.

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I live just outside of Alexandria on the west side. And my office in Crystal City overlooks the Washington Monument and the White House.

Like my husband said, we live in Fairfax. When we first moved out here from AZ 2.5 years ago, we moved to Reston. We moved to Fairfax last March (was it March, mop? I don’t remember. March or April, I think) If you wanna read the article in the Fairfax Journal, it’s pretty cool: http://fathom.org/opalcat/fairfaxjrnl.html

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Live on Capitol Hill, work in Fairfax.

Live in Clinton, MD moving to Alexandria as soon as the townhome goes into closing.


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I’m just north of Silver Spring and Wheaton. Know where The Outback is? You’ve probably seen me on the bus or Metro Red Line.

OK let’s see. Born in Baltimore, moved at age one to Arlington, at age two to Largo. Left the area at age 16 and returned at 19, lived in Silver Spring (near DC/Takoma border) til 23. Still go back to visit frequently. I miss the place, though I’ll probably never live there again. And I’m still an Orioles and DC United fan, for always.

I moved here from Colorado at the start of this year. I live near Dupont Circle and work on Capitol Hill.

As I write this, I’m looking out my window at the nation’s capitol just a block away.

God, what a view!

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Live in Rockville, work in Silver Spring.

I believe that you work about 3 blocks from me. Perhaps we can have lunch and talk trash about some of the other dopers.


Move over Satan. :wink: Now there’s something meatier. http://smallwonder.simplenet.com/COC.html

To the people who live/work in Silver Spring - where are y’all? I work next to the Metro Station, and live up by Burtonsville. (Right next to the Montgomery County Auto Park, if you know where that is.)

Falcon - do you work at NOAA? I have a friend who works there. I used to live in downtown S.S.

I live in Greenbelt.

So when are we going to get together? Hey, I tried to find OpalCat on the Mall on July 4th, but she wasn’t where the map on her site indicated.