D.C. Dopers, any cheap places to stay?

My SO and I are planning to pack up the kiddies and visit Washington DC for April vacation. We were going to stay with some of his friends, but my pet allergies have ruled that out completely (allergies suck, by the way.) So, what are some cheap places to stay around Washington?

Boy, I’d go with any of the mid-line hotels. Days Inn, Holiday Inn, that sort of thing.

You don’t have to stay in the Hay-Adams, after all.

Well, last time I went down there, I stayed at RTFirefly’s house. Excellent accommodations, a lovely breakfast the next morning, and all it cost me was a termite inspection.

Seriously, I think Jonathan Chance made an excellent suggestion. Decent rooms can be had at a Comfort Inn or Days Inn or sumpin for not a heckuva lot. Check out a few websites and compare prices.

I’m checking to see if I can get deals through Orbitz and the like. We’re not looking for anything fancy, just a clean place to crash and take a shower. I was just wondering if anyone from the area knew a good place to recommend. We’re hoping to find something close to $100 per night.

Can’t recommend anything specific, but if you go to Roomsaver.com you should be able to find coupons for hotel rooms (many offering breakfast) in the area for under $100.00 a night. Hubby and I have had very good luck with these coupons, travelling across the whole country.

Matter of fact, I just had a look. They had at least 20 coupons for the DC area for under $100.00 (many under $70.00). Just a tip: Take several coupons, in case the hotel you wanted (your first choice) is booked.

Thanks, norinew, I’m checking that out now and it seems really good. I’ve been doing so much searching on the various travel sites that I’m getting information overload :slight_smile:

$100/night? Mid range hotels should be $60-$70. If i was you, I’d stay at Jonathan Chances.

Boy, if you’re into allergies then DC in April is the place to be. Starting with the cherry blossoms the air gets thick with yellow and green pollen from April through May. Bring the Zyrtec.

If you are looking for really cheap accomodations with close proximity to all the tourist areas then I would recommend the Youth Hostel which is located around 11th and L Streets (I think). Despite the title, adults can stay there too. You get to stay in a nice bunk bed, you have access to hot showers and best of all there is a lounge area where you can meet other interesting people from around the world. I stayed there for the first week that I moved to DC. It was fun! Also at night you are in the center of DC’s transvestite-crack-whore-hooker zone and they wear the craziest outfits you have ever seen. Good for a laugh or two.

Best Western Key Bridge. About 60 a night, very clean and right across from the metro.

It’s more like 12th and H. I used to work across the street.

Ugh. The number of guys playing bad guitar was astonishing.

Thanks, JohanDane, but that isn’t exactly the kind of learning experience I want my kids to get right now :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tip, petcat, I guess I’ll be loading up on allergy meds for my son and I–now I’m really looking forward to this trip! Well, at least we won’t be meeting my SO’s mother this time. Anything’s going to be better than that!

I’m researching all these tips you’ve all given me. Thanks for the advice, everyone, I really appreciate it!


If you start a thread about it after you’re sure when you’re coming and where you’re staying, we should be able to set up a Dopefest nearby so you can meet the local Dopers.

The Hotel Harrington. Great location (about three blocks from the Mall and the White House) and great rates (Family Rate for four: $89). In addition, you can often find discount coupons if you pick up those hotel books you find at highway rest stops. (The coupons don’t count if you have a reservation, but when I tried to use that, they wouldn’t honor it, but threw in free parking.)

The rooms are a bit run down, but clean. There’s no pool or anything, but if you’re in DC for the sightseeing, there’s no better place at the price.

Thanks, Wendell, that would be really great! I’ll be sure to post about when we’ll be there.

And thanks to you, too, RealityChuck, the Hotel Harrington looks like exactly what we’re looking for. The SO and I will be reviewing our options really soon to see what will work out best for us.

The only downside of the Hotel Harrington is that you might hit the place at the same time several busloads of high school spring tours do. They’ll charge around the halls until all hours of the night, laughing, screaming, throwing things, and generally raising a ruckus. (Anecdotal, based on the sad experience of a friend of mine some years ago. YMMV!)

Oh, and the Cherry Blossom Festival this year is Mar. 22 through Apr. 7; if you’re coming during that period, places to stay might be tough to come by!

Oh, and the Cherry Blossom Festival this year is Mar. 22 through Apr. 7; if you’re coming during that period, places to stay might be tough to come by!

Especially if some putz double-books a room…:rolleyes:

Every time I go to DC I stay at The Brickskeller.