D.C. housing DESPERATELY needed

Hey dopers,

It’s been awhile since I last posted, probably because I haven’t had a computer in awhile. Anyway, I’m in a BAD situation and need help QUICK.

Myself and a friend of mine started jobs this week and were looking desperately for a place to live. We ended up renting two rooms from this guy in D.C. Anyway, as we soon learned, the guy is a pervert and the house reeks. We’re literally scared to be there. He’s really, really into porn, some of which is almost certainly illegal.

We have no agreement on how long we’ll stay, so we plan to find a place we can move into around March 1 and stay there until the end of May, when our internships end.

Can anyone please, please help me??? I’m looking for something in NW D.C. or Alexandria/Arlington, near a Metro stop, costing from $500-700 a person per month. It would only be for three months. Anything you know, whether it’s for one person or two, is greatly, greatly appreciated.

I don’t like being scared to leave my bedroom. Please help me find a place I feel safe living in.

Whew! That sucks, dude! I’d let y’all crash with me, but I’ve only got a 1 BR–and it probably reeks, too.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, DC housing is kind of a pain in the ass. I spent a homeless month between apartments just last September. I’ll be happy to keep myself on the snoop for you, though. If enough people keep their eyes open, you might get lucky.

Are you working up on the Hill? You might want to enquire of your politician co-workers about opportunities for house-sitting. You might have a chance there, as the diplomatic types are going to be doing a lot of shuffling around in the next couple of months.

And about this porno guy… where does he get his stuff?

You should post whether you are male or female as this would probably be necessary info. for some people considering sharing their house or apartment etc with you.

As an aside you may want to talk to the housing admin. of the local colleges as they would have lots of info re possible short term hookups for local apartments. You might also consider putting a note of the bulletin boards of local churches in the neighborhoods you desire.

College newspapers might also be worth a try.

“As an aside you may want to talk to the housing admin. of the local colleges”

Yeah, or look at listings they have. Colleges usually have tons of listings for roommates on their boards.

Could be an opening at Gallaudet.

handy, that was the RUDEST comment I’ve seen in a while. You dumbass.

Quick explanation of my anger for those of you who don’t live in DC. Last week there was a student murdered at Galludet. It’s the second murder in two years…the first is still unsolved.

Hence, handy commenting on a “vacancy” at Galludet got me REAL pissed, REAL fast. handy, I want an explanation.

And once again, you dumbass.

Second in two semesters, actually.

handy, if I didn’t have a zillion things to do tonight in helping Anniz get ready to return to Sweden tomorrow, I’d open a Pit thread all about you.

In fact, I’m going to go check there now to see if someone’s beaten me to it.

Oh, and Falc, I doubt the drive-by-poster will bother returning to this thread, so we’re all posting in the wind.

Psst, handy, your presence is requested here.

Anyway, back on subject…

SNenc, sorry, I can’t help you out. Check the Post and City Paper classifieds. They work.

Price range, metro stop, and convenience, I’d bet something in Ballston or Crystal City would be doable for you two.

Would you consider a one-bedroom with one of you using the living room as a bedroom?
Do you need furnished since its short-term?

Damn! I left my “big book o’ apartments” at the office.

The Dittmar Apts are actually listed by Metro stop, but they may a bit high in price for what you need. Also, a bit further out, but adjacent to the Vienna metro is a beautiful complex called Regent’s Park that might do. It’s worth a click, at least. (I pass them every day on the way to work.) Shopping would be available by Metro, bus or on foot depending on where you’re going (and what your tolerance is for walking, etc.).

Since I’ve already been doing some research for our–hopefully–upcoming move (this summer), I’ll pass along any info I can find for you. As mentioned, so more details about needs would be helpful.

First of all Falcon, Montfort & SNenc (ya all be hearing, right?) CANNOT get into Galludet dorms as it’s a college for deaf students.

Thus, there is near zero chance they can get in the dorms.

Second, many deaf people are terrified after what has happened there & there are many vacancies; but only for deaf people like me see. Now, if I were to stay in the dorms there at Gallaudet, that creep doing those dirty deeds would have an easy time sneaking up on me I suppose.

Course, ya all missed the obvious.

I could care less about your pit subject Montfort since you obviously overlooked the obvious already.

Only thing I see is a bad attempt at humor. Some people would be fired for making jokes like that.

Then why did you bring it up at all?

What on earth does that have to do with the OP or your crude joke?

Yeah, we all missed the obvious. I don’t think so, handy.

(wondering why this one doesn’t ever get the “don’t be a jerk” hook?)

On the contrary, living in DC, I know at least one hearing person who LIVES IN the dorms. He is a graduate student attending Galludet getting his masters in interpretation. But none the less, the post and sentiment behind it was still rude and uncalled for.

handy, you are obviously wrong (see the above post by dcnewsman.

So, I’m going to head on over to my Pit thread and add “spreader of false information” to the pot.

Oh, hell. Fuck all this nonsense about who shot John. We gotta get Snenc a pad.

As Montfort suggested, the Post and the City Paper are your two first options. You can also check out http://www.apartments.com , a sort of clearing house for that sort of shite.

If that doesn’t work, well, you can always lay up at the Brickskeller, which is in DuPont Circle and it runs about $200 a week. It is not what I would call posh. On the bright side, you’re sleeping just above the largest selection of beers in Washington, possibly the world. I’ve stayed there, and while it’s not what I’d call fun, it is at least not dangerous until you go outside. Even then it’s not that dangerous. The Folk take good care of their 'hood 'round those parts.

More info about me has been requested. I am happy to oblige.

I’m a 22 yr. old non-smoking male. I’m in D.C. on a journalism internship, which I like to think makes me a rather responsible, career-minded sort of guy. I really like The Simpsons, college basketball and music (I don’t blare it when others are around, however.).

The main stumbling block in my housing search has been the short-term lease thing. But I really have no flexibility on this thing. My flight leaves May 27.

Another thing… someone else in my program is also looking for a place, so something for 3 people would be nice, too.

Oh, creepy landlord update! Today I heard the following conversation in my house.

Creepy Landlord Guy: “This one’s from Japan. It’s a bit off, but the color is great.”

Old Lady: “A bit off isn’t good enough. I want it to be perfect.”

(At this point I think they’re discussing art. My estimation of my landlord went up for a bit, until…)

CLG: “Well, it’s still good. It’s two hours long. The one’s three hours long.”

OL: “I don’t care which one is longer. Which one is better? I want whatever porn is going to turn him on more?”

CLG: “Well, if he’s a guy, I’d recommend this one…”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He doesn’t just collect porn, he DEALS porn!! I was literally scared when I heard that conversation. I gotta get out of this place…


You say that you’re a journalism intern. So are you working at the Post? If not, where? Why are you limiting yourself to Northwest DC and Northern Virginia? Prince George’s County is closer than Virginia (and cheaper). Do you have a car? If not, are you then limited to places close to a Metro stop?

I’m working at the Washington bureau of The Detroit News in the National Press Building (2 blocks from Dubya’s place). I, personally, have no qualms with Maryland, but Virginia is closer to work and my roommates seem to have strange objections to Maryland I don’t want to deal with.

I have no car, so Metro proximity is a must.

For your consideration…

Sheffield Court
North Wayne Street - Arlington
Contact: 800-720-2225 ext. 13467

Close to Courthouse Metro and not far from Rosslyn
Short-term leases: Monthly/Variable
Furnished apts available
Amentities: High-speed internet access, DW and W&D in Unit

Flat 1 bdrm 1 bath $965-$1095 $100 deposit
Flat 2 bdrm 1 bath From $1350 $100 deposit

Your main problem may be the lack of availability of most places in the area on short notice (believe me). One of you may have to flop on the couch of a 1 bedroom place.