D--D--D--D DORA!!! Make it stop dear God.

It’s crack for the preschool set…and apparently my daughter wants to jump on this damn bandwagon.

She points to the TIVO remote…points to the TV screen…DORA DORA.

And then it’s like someone hit the spazz button on her cerebellum…arms twisting…body spinning like a dervish…

Over the weekend we take her to the Borders to check out some rugrat lit, maybe some Clifford or some Rhyming books…and she spys a Dora popup book. End of story. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME all the way to the frickin checkout.

I’m thankful that the live version ain’t coming anywhere near my hometown.

Lent starts today. I’ll try to increase my patience.

I have to draw the line somewhere though. This is and will remain a purple dinosaur free house.

My daughter loves Dora. I think Dora is pretty good. I like the spanish words they learn. She is getting more into SpongeBob and Rocket Power, but she still knows her Dora by heart.


The purple dinosaur is STILL around? :eek: I had to deal with the fricking purple dinosaur with my step-nephew, who is now 16, two more nephews after that (one who was obsessed with that purple dino), and a niece after that. By the time my niece grew out of the annoying purple dinosaur, I was up to my eyeballs in purple dinosaur and his annoying yellow companion.

I’m putting off childbearing until that purple dinosaur is purged from all television.

I think Dora is absolutely adorable, but I think that’s just because I don’t have children yet and I’m a fan of teaching youngsters multiple languages. I’d probably go crazy if my niece and nephews were as crazy over Dora as they were over…other characters.

You want more annoying than Dora? Okey-Dokey…
Has she ever seen the horror that is Caillou?
You get that song stuck in your head, and it NEVER LEAVES!!!

*I’m just a kid who’s four
Each day I grow some more
I like exploring
I’m Caillou.

So many things to do
Each day is something new
I’ll share them with you
I’m Caillou.

My world is turning
Changing each day
With Mommy and Daddy
And finding my way!

Growing up is not so tough
Except when I’ve had enough
But there’s lots of fun stuff
I’m Caillou.

Caillou, Caillou, I’m Caillou
That’s me!

…And me!

…And me!*

I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the Maaaa-aaaap!

I hate that fucking map.

Dora is a big thing with mine. She has Dora shoes, a Dora backpack (complete with Map), a Dora shirt, and more miscellaneous Dora stuff.

She’d drop Dora in a heartbeat for Max and Ruby, though.

I like that cartoon. It’s quiet and she won’t move while it’s on.

She shares my opinion of He Who Must Not Be Named (Purple Version), for which I am eternally grateful.

The other day I overheard a woman being told by her friends that it’s “Swiper, no swiping!”. She had been hearing “Sniper, no sniping”, which would make for a much different and possibly more interesting to Daddy show.

I just ranted in my LJ yeasterday about Caillou. I hate the bald-headed freak.

I don’t know how old your kid is beagledave but my saving grace has been http://www.nickjr.com Try it out, though you’ll probably never get your computer back.

For my kid its Julie Andrews and ‘Do Re Mi’ or else (this week) Bob the Builder. He’s gone nuts in the past for Blue’s Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House but loathed Barney.

I kinda like any of the silly kid shows that makes my son happy. Dora does that well, so does Caillou. It’s a childrens show for crying out loud.
We have an agreement. He does not have to be entertained by my show choices and I by his. Works well.

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE not having cable any more. They get to watch “Dragontales,” “Sesame Street,” and “Reading Rainbow.” They still like Dora and Oswald and Blue, but they don’t see 'em every day so it’s not an obsession.

Don’t get me started on my daughter and Barbie products, though. I tried. I really tried. And then in 2001, just before Christmas, she walked up to me and said, with a very serious, sad look on her sweet, sweet face: “Mommy? I wish Barbie wasn’t evil.” And walked away.

So now Barbie is situationally evil, and we’re trying to teach about the evils of overindulgence. :smiley:

I have issues with many of my son’s favorite shows, but he likes them, so who’s to argue?

Caillou - bald headed freak is right. Plus the narrator is annoying.

Blue’s clues - that guy annoys me. He’s always staring at you.

Dragon Tales - I don’t get how they can just disappear for hours on end w/o their parents getting worried

Arthur - Hey PBS, that show isn’t very good, why the hell do you show it more than any other?

Jay Jay the Jet Plane - for chrissakes, the characters have NO BOTTOM TEETH - that’s just freaky.

Teletubbies - my son is scared of the phones that pop up and won’t watch it

Barney, believe it or not, is probably the least annoying of the bunch. Go figure.

Dora, OUCH!! My son (3) likes to watch that, and yes it does some good, teaching Spanish and all, but DAMN! it’s an annoying little show.

I want to set the map on fire (“I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the maAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!”).

I want to reach into Boots’ and Dora’s heads and turn their volumes down. WHY do they feel it necessary to shout at one another all the time?

I want to stop crime as easily as Dora and Boots do (“Murderer, no murdering! Rapist, no raping! Burglar, no burgling!”). Wouldn’t that be nice to see a criminal stop in his/her tracks and say, “Oh, MAN!!” and run away?

I also can’t stand Max and Ruby (Mr. Stubborn One-Word Repeating Little Turd drives me insane), that blue puke Oswald and his pal Squiggy the Penguin, that unnameable purple dino, Teletubbies, and most especially Out of the Box! They are all enough to make a parent keep the liquor bottle handy!

You beat me to it. The map says its the map 15 times. I counted.
Then I grabbed my son and yelled “I"m the map ! Darn it!”

We usually now (If we see it) yell things to her when she asks us where the swamp is or some thing)

My wife has been bothered by that thing for a long time. I had never seen the show “live”, just the toys in the stores.

Seeing that moving talking headed plane was disturbing.

We thought that the Echo Bush looked totally wack!
That was the episode called Dora Saves The Prince.

Wow. It’s like another language.


Last time my son watched Teletubbies, he commented on the blat-blat-blat noise that the phones make as they ascend, “Tubby-Tubbys got poopies! Yucky poopies show!”

However, he loves Dora. He watches it every chance he gets. I consider Dora marginally less annoying than Teletubbies. I was glad when he tired of chanting, “Backpack! Backpack! Backpack! Backpack!” whenever my older son put on his backpack to go to school. :slight_smile:

Max and Ruby disturbs me because I don’t think their mother is ever around.

Thankfully, my five-year-old is growing bored of the Nick Jr. shows for the most part. She still enjoys Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, but otherwise she prefers Cartoon Network. I enjoy watching the shows I used to watch as a kid. They’re so much better. :slight_smile:

Dooo too ddoo too doo dtooo too
We did it! We Did It!
We found the bird up in the tree
We Did it!
It pooped on Boots and Me!
We did it!!!

Ok repeat after me

Bridge, corn field… Big Blue tree
Bridge, corn field … Big Blue Tree!

Arrrgh god help me I love this show… Crack for kids indeed!

My kids don’t appreciate my change of the lyrics of Calliou

He’s got a big fat head
Is he just brain dead ?
He’s Calliou… Callioooooou

How dumb can he be
Can’t even count to three
Smelly as can be
Watching him grow up
makes me throw up
When will he stop


Backpack, backpack! Backpack, backpack! Backpack, backpack! Backpack, backpack!

My daughter loves Dora, so that means I tolerate it. I much prefer SpongeBob.