D, how could you? Fuck the world up for yourkid

D, I hung with you.

For chrissake, my kids went to Daycare with your kids.

I know your pain. I know their momma divorced you. I know, out of boy-dog-shit, you married wrong the second time.

I remember when you had a come-to-Jesus with that 18-wheeler. I hear you when you say, "I’m never without pain". I understand why you are always fucked up when I see you.

I remember when the love of your life, died on the Reservoir, her little boat run slam over by a big boat. She lived for a week… …I remember what the least child told me, you took him on your knee at the park and said “mama’s gone to heaven”. What was he, 5 at tops?

I even understand why you would keep “shady ladies” around your house. I even understand why you would lay with one and make a baby. You don’t give your heart easily.

But I’m at a loss today.

What the fuck are you thinking?? How in the utter abysmal hell is it OK to have a drug-making operation around an 8-wk old baby ??? Does father hood mean NOTHING to u ???

How can you expect your two boys to come to manhood with THIS as a model ???

No, you weren’t there ,when my daughter took your son in her arms and comforted him when he cried that nite they took you to jail. You didn’t see my son’s eyes, “But ! I trusted and believed In Mr. D !”

Yes, I see that NO ONE is on your list of folks to come see you in jail… You probably think I’d kick your ass.
Well, your’re right. I’d like to spit a wad of Beechnut in your eye… You IDIOT ! In one fell swoop …
You hurt your momma, your daddy, your baby… and the sons you have who look up to you so … D, I thought better of u. …

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Just imagine more than one…

Sorry for the mess-up in coding. Remind me not to post when I’m up past my bed-time !

still :frowning: & :mad:

Holy Shit

What does a woman scorned have to do with this?

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