Da Vinci Code?

So what is your favorite movie seen this year?

One rule- You had to have seen it on the “big screen” and I don’t mean big screen television.

Mine is “X-Men III- The Last Stand”.

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Hey, nice username. And I even know what it means! We liked “Prarie Home Companion”

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Over the Hedge

I did enjoy it, but it’s also the only movie I’ve seen at a theater so far this year, so it wins by default.

Wordplay. Who’da thunk it, a movie about crossword puzzle creators and competitors being so interesting?

I went to a matinee of POTC 2 today and I loved it! My favorite movie of the year so far.

So far, “V for Vendetta,” but the only other movie I’ve seen this year is “The Hills have Eyes.” (I don’t get to movies much).

I lurve Natalie Portman, though.

I’ve been meaning to see the X-Men movie, as well as The Davinci Code.

Haven’t yet, but if they’re still out there, I probably will.

The Proposition. I’ve seen somewhere around 20 films so far this year, and it’s the clear favorite. I was a little worried about it before I saw it - I love Nick Cave, but it seemed like it might be a vanity project. It ended up being thoroughly stunning, and, despite being set in Australia, my favorite Western ever.

I can’t remember all of the movies I’ve seen this year so far, but off the top of my head I’d say it’s a toss-up between V for Vendetta and An Inconvenient Truth (with Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man and United 93 as runners-up).

I guess that’s cheating, but I’m indecisive.

Capote, though maybe this is because the only other movie I’ve seen this year is Stick It.

  1. V for Vendetta

  2. United 93

I’m seeing Pirates 2 in about 4 hours, so that may change.

I liked the one about the animated cars. What was its name again?

“The Incredibles”.

The movie. I used to work with a guy who referred to his wife as “fubsy” in an affectionate way. He told me the meaning.

Starting with the best:

  1. The Inside Man
  2. V for Vendetta
  3. Ice Age 2
  4. X-Men 3

United 93 has stuck with me the most. An Inconvenient Truth would be a close second.

Just for entertainment value I liked Cars and Sin City.