The outpouring of excitement on here over the Bears’ victory in the NFC Championship on this message board is just too much to take in. I’ll just assume that all the Chicago Dopers are still out celebrating our victory in person instead of on the board. I can’t think of much else that would explain the absence of a celebratory thread on here yet. You’d think that a message board based on a periodical from Chicago would have a thread by now about the Bears heading to the Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years.

I will now do the Super Fan dance, as originally performed by Chris Farley in a hula skirt and coconut bra.


Looks like New England is on track this evening to emerge victorious against Indianapolis. See you in Miami in two weeks, Patriots! Bring it on, baby. Bears FTW.

Sorry but it’s going to be the Colts, which I think is good since the Bears are going to EAT THEM FOR LUNCH. Go Bears!

I hate the Bears.

I hope Sexy Rexy has the worst game of his career at the Superbowl, nothing could make me happier.

So much for the Team of Destiny ™.

They could survive the winds of Katrina, but not the Windy City.

Go Bears!


This really goes to prove I should shut my mouth when it comes to halftime predictions. What a comeback for Indianapolis! I thought for sure the Colts were dunfer.

What a fantastic game at Soldier field today though. The snowfall made it way more dramatic than the game in Indiana. There’s just something about a second half snowfall that seems to infuse the Bears with some kinda magic. This was a great day in Chicago. My local bar was in high spirits the likes of which I can scarcely recall. :slight_smile:

I am very excited for Super Sunday.

Anyone seen the line yet? I was just wondering if the Colts were double-digit favorites.

I was hoping New Orleans would make it. But they just fell apart toward the end of the game. They must have frozen up in our nothern winter weather :wink:

I heard Colts by seven reported on the news, but I don’t know where they got that from.

I think Peyton went a long way to throwing off the mantle of the guy who chokes in the clutch, but I think the final word on that will be written in a few weeks.

Then again, the AFC Championship Game WAS the Super Bowl, essentially. The Super Bowl is nothing more than a formality for the AFC representative.

I’m glad we won. Even though I’d have preferred a nice clean tidy win, I’ll take it whatever way it comes.

I don’t wanna play the Colts, though. They played a helluva game on the ground today, and the idea of Grossman vs. Manning in an on-the-ground game makes my tummy hurt a little right now.

No kidding. That was a hell of a comeback and it’s gonna make for a very dramatic game in two weeks. It’s also certain to be the big water cooler subject up until then. I think I’ll need to make sure a defibrilator is on hand for our Super Bowl party for my friends whose mental and emotional health hinges on the outcome of the Super Bowl … yeah, they’re nuts, but in the funniest way. Let’s just say that old SNL ‘Super Fans’ sketch from back in the day was more of a documentary than a playful stereotype. :smiley:

Doors, Doors**…

The Dolts are gong down.

Down, I say.
Way. Way.



I think that was a fun game, with the comeback and all. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I was pulling for the Colts to come back 'cause my Dad had a bet on it. He was giving 3-1/2, so the touchdown was exactly what he needed.

I also was pulling for the Saints, just 'cause of the hype. Well, should be a good Superbowl!

Yeah, they said the same about the AL and the world series this year, and we all know how that worked out… Also Ohio State v. Florida…

This is exactly why I’m not a betting man. I don’t have any confidence about who is going to win. It truly is “any given Sunday” out there.

OMG. talk about being between a rock and a hard place…
not only did i grow up a pats fan as a child, i also lived in chicago for five years where i became a permanent cubs/bears fan, and i now live in indianapolis.

holy cannoli, batman, the place came apart at the seams last night. we don’t get much excitement here in the mid of west.

that said, what the hell am i going to about the superbowl??? da bears AND the colts??? god help me… :eek:

yeah, yeah. more beer. lots and *lots * of beer…

That’s the number I’m getting on a couple sites as well. Expect it to change some over the next two weeks.


Di’ka’s right ball: 219
Coltss: 5

Actually, you put any one of Di’ka’s four testicles in there, and the Coltss aren’t going any higher than 7.

Da Bears!

Da Bears!

This morning on Good Morning America.

Or manybe you heard it somewhere else.

Yea the line is definitely 7 as reported today in the Washington Post, but that can and will most likely change depending on how much betting goes on.