Goodbye Chicago Bears 2004 season!

Really, I don’t mean to sound too pessamistic, but when 5 of your defensive starters go out (including the very important Mike Brown and Charles Tillman) things aren’t looking too good for you. However, when your starting QB goes down with a knee injury, that’s it.

I had high hopes this season. We’ve picked up and developed some real talented players the past few seasons, and cut some dead weight off the team (I’m talking to you Marty Booker).

But it’s all over now. Our offence is neutered and our defense is mostly second stringers. We had looked so good last week at Green Bay, a tight, cohesive team that executed plays perfectly. It’s sad to have hopes dashed this early in the season.

I’m feeling the same way about my Packers . They really shouldn’t have lost to the Bears at home and really shouldn’t have let the Colts score on them so much.
I’m not convinced that the Vikings are much better. They barely beat the injury-ridden Bears you talk about.
And the Lions were looking pretty good till the Eagles shut them down at home.

I’ts beginning to look like the NFC Central is weakening fast and the division title is up for grabs.

Three games in isn’t the time for abject fear, boys. Buck up. Plenty of season left.

Besides, Bears fans – did you really have Super Bowl aspirations for this year? Seems like a good season to test your younger superstars and see how they’ll perform under pressure. You may end up finding a few diamonds.

You call yourselves Bears Fans? :confused: I am appauled! If you have not learned anything since 1985, you must have known that true bears fans never jump ship. The OP is sounding like he’s going to go become a cheese head just because we are down a few players and looking only slightly less excellent this year!!!

Next thing you know the OP will want to boycott Polish Keilbasa as the games… Jeez!! :mad:

Just think how you’ll feel a week from now, after my newly revitalized GIANTS lay down a nice beating at Lambeau. :wink:

Aren’t the Niners great? Young to Rice, we are Super Bowl bound AGAIN!

Yes, I am living in 1990, why do you ask?

> sigh <

Just wait until Kurt Warner opens a beer and gives himself a concussion.

Hey now, I may be a bit despondant about the Bears currant situation, but to infer that a man is becoming a Packers Fan is just low.

I’m never jumping ship. I’m simply unhappy to see such hardship befall my Monsters so early on.

Ok Ok, I get carried away…sniffsniff*… ever since Ditka…sniffsniff*… you know…Left…I get…PISSED!! EASILY!!! Just kidding… :slight_smile:

But Jeez!

Damn it! When the hell are those monsters going to pull it together again? Come on Guys!