Pitting the Chicago Bears

Because they still suck and they always will!

Whooo Packers!!!

Gimme me a brat! It’s football season!

Does that mean you won’t be bidding on eBay for the VHS of “The Super Bowl Shuffle”?

Have you been dipping into Farve’s Geritol? Good god, even the Motor City kitties will take at least one game from the pack this year. The Bears and the Queens will both probably sweep. They’re desperate enough to play a banged up Gilbert B.

I will take a brat though. Piled high with onions.


Makes a note to point this thread out to NC in January.
No vicodin jokes yet?

Even with playing in the worst division in football, the Pack still have no shot of going deep in the playoffs. Can you say “One and Done” I know you can.

No D, no Ring.

Whoops, Green just fumbled again.

And yes, the Bear still suck. But at least they aren’t the Lions.


Yikes. I’m the biggest Bears lover around, but at least I give the season a few weeks before slinging the shit.

Talk about your stinging offensive line for a little bit. Not OURS, YOURS. Don’t talk about Bears, or Favre or Vikings or Defense or anything else…talk about that offensive line.

I can’t wait to hear how great it is :smiley:


next time I’ll remember to put my don’t show me this in January disclaimer in.

Must I weather another season of mid-western big-belt-buckle whooping and yollering? The Packer suck. The Bears suck. Picking on the other sausage-stuffed yokels doesn’t really raise you that much in the pecking order, doncha know? It’s like a 3-legged lame runt wolf trying become the alpha by biting the testicles of all the other lame runts. Testicle biting mid-west jamokes.

Who let the jock-sniffing coastie in?

I bet Waverly’s post would be really scathing if he wasn’t drunk.

I find myself saying the same thing about Brett Favre a lot of the time.

So what’s Kordell’s excuse, jarbaby?

January? He’s high already…and headed for a long, hard fall. NursieBabe, haven’t you yet learned Rule Numero Uno of Viqueen Fandom? :wink:

Who can blame him? If I was living and working in Wisconson I’d be hopped up on something too. Of course nothing quite justifies the fellating he gets from fans and football geeks alike… My Favre, who art in huddle… and now he has Culpepper seated next to him in the mid-westerner’s football pantheon, fondling his divine buttocks while feeding him sauerkraut with a golden spork. NFCycophants need to practice a bit more dignified detached indifference. They are between naked mole rats and soccer hooligans in the evolutionary tree; more like the latter, but with fewer chromosomes they get sloshed on cheaper beer.

chique, Shhhhhhhhhh. Only fellow queens fans are to know our terrible secret pain.

Ooooooooh, right. Sorry. And I’ve tried so hard to block that out. . . .

Dopefest, or two, in Tampa during the playoffs? Nice beaches, and a realistic shot at being there.


… maybe its that big lump of shit growing out the side of friggin neck. Maybe its not, but i have a feeling it is.

I’m not sure I ever said I liked Kordell. I’m not sure I ever said I thought the Bears were going to be great this year. You see, the SEASON HASN’T EVEN STARTED. The Bears are my favorite team, and have been since I was about ten, but I am able to step back and judge them objectively each year, rather than assuming they’re going to win it all every season. I don’t even think the Bears will beat the Packers this year…but what’s new.

My prediction, the Bears still suck this season but:

  1. Kordell is benched halfway through the season.

  2. Juaron gets fired, along with the staff.

  3. The rookie QB leads the Bears to a win over the Pack, saving the season.

  4. A-train is benched and cut after this season.

  5. The defense will be pretty good again.

  6. Teams will run on the Pack all year long. Farve misses games on IR due to the porous O-line.

  7. Pack will win the division, but lose to a wildcard team in the first round again.

  8. Farve then retires.

  9. The Pack will then return to sucking again next year.

  10. So will the Bears, sadly.