Dad is moving to Florida

Well, he made the decision.

He needs to recover, & Florida is it.

He is going to stay with my sister, b-i-l, & niece.

This may be temporary, as he is already able to walk with a cane, something his doctor said wasn’t possible.
I’m sure going to be lonely without him.:frowning:

Aww Bos! That is a long way from Tennessee. :frowning:

When is he leaving?

I know that you’ll miss him, Bosda. Hopefully, the sunshine and general Florida atmosphere will do his health some good.

Besides, it will give you a reason to make a trip to Florida. :cool:

Where in FLA?

Bosda - You haven’t been happy living in Tennessee. This might give you a chance to go somewhere else and try something new. Have you already given up your apartment?

Good luck.


I’m glad to hear he’s doing better and made a plan. I’m sorry to hear he’s moving away from you.
Is there some hobby you’ve considered taking up but always lacked time? Maybe this is the time to take up rock climbing, argentine tango or some other class at the local community college?

Umm…Dad is leaving, not me.

He will live with my sister, just north of Orlando.

He leaves Saturday.

I think his point was, maybe you could also move to Florida and be somewhere close to your Dad and other family.


The economy makes this impossible. I got a steady job, & am getting training.
But Dad may come back in a few months. He’s making remarkable improvements.

I hope this is a good thing for Dad and that he continues to heal up. Are you going to be staying at his place until he gets back? That would seem strange, to be there without him. Good luck Bos.

No, still at the apartment.

Gonna clean out his fridge, & unplug it, tomorrow.

Bosda - I understand that your dad is leaving. What I meant is, without your parents to care for, maybe you can spread your wings a bit and live somewhere you’ve always wanted to try. I know that you have a decent job here, but you always talk about how much you hate Tennessee. But take a while, give yourself time to adjust to life without having your dad here.

Good luck,



But I’ll wait for the economy to improve a tad, & I’ll finish the training the State is givbing me (more job skills for the resume.

We said goodbye last night. He left 3AM.

I clean out his fridge, unplug it, & empty the trash this morning.

There are wonderful houses still available at Del Boca Vista

He is staying with my sister, & doesn’t need a house.

And I cannot afford a house.

I wouldn’t give up a state government job casually. You’ve probably got more job security and a better pension than those of us in the private sector.

No kidding. My husband is fixing to retire from a City job. There is a retirement option he could choose which pays him as much as he is making now.

I might try for a City/County job.

Been over to the house today.

Packed up more books, & bug-bombed the house.

Seinfeld joke, sorry