Daily Show 8/24

I’m not sure what I want to say yet about the show, but I figured there would be discussion of it so here’s your OP. I do want to say that I think it’s great Kerry sat down with Stewart; it reminds me of when Clinton spoke to an MTV audience.

Was Kerry wearing the Lance Armstrong yellow bracelet? It looked like it but I wasn’t sure.

I really thought Kerry nailed this one. Friendly, accessible, got a few digs in on W, hit on a number of things that he thought he could do better. All around, a fine showing for him. Hope lots of folks got to see it (that means you, 18-24 year olds who largely don’t vote).

Especially liked when Jon countered Kerry’s list of issues he has with the current administration (environment, the war, jobs, etc) with: “But were you actually in Cambodia on Christmas Eve!? Some say within 5 miles others say 3. Which was it?!”(or something to that effect).

Incidentally, it kills me that the Daily Show seems to be about the only mass media outlet able to come right out and say this swift vets thing is clearly bogus and immaterial, let’s move on.

I’m interested in hearing everyone’s take on it too.

I know how I’m voting, but I wish Kerry could have forgotten the numbers spiel – two million jobs lost, four million people have lost health care insurance, new jobs created pay an average of $9,000 less than jobs lost, etc.

We know, we know!

I wanted him to just relax and enjoy a friendly audience, and I guess he did, but not every appearance is a forum for that abbreviated stump speech.

I wonder what happened in the audience at the first commercial break. Sounds like there was some input from someone about the price of oil. ??

I think the more Kerry drives home the numbers, the better. They are easy to remember, and gets the attention where it belongs.

I also like the comment that Bush has never lost a debate. Bush did will in 2000 because the expectations of him were low, it seems Kerry is setting the expectations of Bush high. Bush is definitely going to lie and weasel in the debate - he has to, and I hope Kerry is ready to nail him.

But I loved when he got in Stewart’s face! That was quick and funny.

Now - I’m sure the Daily Show has invited Bush. Who wants to bet he’ll never show. The Daily Show doesn’t have to worry about their White House correspondent being shut out, so Bush has no hold over them. I’d love to see Stewart take on Bush.

Stewart mentioned to McCain that all the important Republicans had been invited to the show.

Anyway, I thought Stewart did a great job leading Kerry through the interview, making him look good and even a little bit funny. The bit where he leaned over on his desk and Kerry mirrored him was fantastic. I won’t be surprised if that shot ends up in some newspapers.

Kerry’s a pretty bland guy, but Stewart did his best to polish him up for the audience. I enjoyed it.

I get tired of hearing that junk as well and I was hoping Kerry wouldn’t go into it. But, I think he did a good job with the bulk of the show.

I think when those guys get on the road and bark the same crap out day after day, it’s somewhat hard to knock it off. (speak like you are someone in a Dr Suess book for a few hours and it’s hard to get the timing out of your head. Just think how a few months of that would be like)

But, I enjoyed the show. I like when Kerry mirrored Jon on the arm of the chair. Kerry also seemed quite natural and went with the flow of the conversation. I also liked his jab about his speeches are “open to the public” (in reply to the oath signing at others) . heh heh

I hope we get to see Kerry on more late night talk shows because you know Bush won’t match it. I think Kerry could joke around with Letterman, Leno or O’ Brian just fine and it wouldn’t hurt him. Hell, it worked for Clinton.

He did OK, a B performance. It’s funny that in the past few weeks both he and Clinton appeared a little nervous on this show. Crossing their legs with their hands held together in their lap. Both spoke quietly and didn’t really seem too animated. Kerry had the better moment when he mirrored Stewart. Which is funny because I remember Clinton in 1992 and he was lots of fun to watch when he did stuff like this. On these shows you really have to play to the crowd and Kerry didn’t really begin to acknowledge the cheers until the second half. Although playing it safe and letting John have fun isn’t too bad of a strategy.

I can’t imagine Bush would ever accept. His campaign must still have his 2000 Letterman appearance in the back of their mind. It still makes me chuckle at how badly he did.

I think Kerry was referring to the earlier bit in which Steve Colbert’s adorable eight-year-old daughter represented the oil industry. It was great watching her try not to laugh.

It is bizarre that GWB has come out ahead in debates with Ann Richards and Al Gore, both very smart, capable people. Bush really should have been a car salesman.

I wonder if Kerry has actually been following the Daily Show that closely or do some aides watch the show and keep him up to date. It seems he mentioned about five different previous shows, like Edwards announcing on the Daily Show, etc.

As a side note, that segment on oil and the gas station owner was quite an eye opener. Shouldn’t I have heard about this on Sixty Minutes or the NYT* and not on The Daily Show? Getty Oil shuts down operator for not gouging the public? Sounds like the beginnings of a great expose to me. I really miss actual investigative journalism.

*Not that I follow either of those religiously, but if there’s anything there it should have been picked up by major outlets.

I bet the campaigns Tivo all political stuff and then is reviewed and rewatched when necessary.

I thought it was great. But not as good as Clinton’s appearance a little while back.

It was far better than Hillary on Letterman.

I like it. Kerry came across as a nice, normal guy. I would have loved to have him make a comment on Stewarts impressions of him…but oh well.

A very interesting comment, indeed. I’ve seen all of his debates with Richards and Gore and in every one of them I ended up feeling downright embarassed for the guy. How people can say he won any of those debates is beyond me.

What Kerry seems to be doing is undercutting the “lowered expectations” approach that has given Bush some free debate points in the past.

From here: http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2004-08-24-kerry-stewart_x.htm

I’d love to see this too, see how George does when asked questions by someone who wont necessarily let BS answer pass out of politeness.

Or even Cheney. It’d be fun to see the “evil cyborg”, as Jon is oft to call him, on the couch.

I watched it last night. It only reinforced my stance on not voting for this guy.

Since I recorded the show, I’ll take a look at it again this evening and try to post back with specifics.

While I am sure that Kerry was trying to raise (vs lower) the expectations of Bush, one could also argue that since Bush did win the elections that he must have won the debates. In this case winning means that he won over the electorate, not that he necessarily would have won an actual judged debate.

Well, that’s a stretch. The debates are only one small component in the ultimate outcome. Nevertheless, I’m sure there are some poll numbers out there that indicate a bump in public opinion one way or another after the debates. I suppose that would tell who “won” the debates.

While it’s admittedly a stretch, I’m sure it’s a stretch almost any crafty politician would be willing to make if it helped further his cause. It doesn’t help Kerry at all to say, “Gore won the debates but Bush won the election”. Unless Bush for some reason opted not to debate Kerry, in which case the appropriate taunt would be, “Bush is a horrible debator. I can see why he’s afraid to debate me. He lost his debate to Al Gore and would have lost the election to him had his brother and Kathernine Harris not rigged the election. It’s clear he’s chicken, just doesn’t have the guts, to meet me in a fair debate. Do you hear me McFly, er, George, you’re chicken!!”

It was strange seeing that comment in print, because it’s almost certainly a first. Still, I can see why he said it and it was clever of him.

I was actually disappointed with Stewart’s softball approach to the interview. I am a Kerry supporter, but he never once asked Kerry about specifics…economy enviroment, Iraq, etc. I thought that was odd considering that one of the running themes on TDS with respect to Kerry is their lack of a plan or vision… or more accurately their inability to convey it.

On the whole I was disappointed.

I’m repeating my question because it hasn’t been answered yet -

Was Kerry wearing the Lance Armstrong yellow bracelet? It looked like it but I wasn’t sure.

It’s very possible that it’s well known he wears it and I’m just unaware, but I’m curious if that’s what that was.