Jon Stewart 9/6/05

Well, if Katrina caused the MSM to grow a pair of small ones in questioning the pres, It’s also caused JS, who already has a pair, to just let loose like Godzilla on Japan.

I’m dyin’ here.

that’s 9/6/05, of course.

(I’ve fixed the date – CKDH)

A link for the premium channel-less?

Thank you for reminding me to watch tonight! I shall be back in an hour with my thoughts (…I’m sure you will be waiting with bated breath :))

Here’s the main site, but I don’t think any video will be up till tomorrow.

Half way through the show and I must say: John really got on his soap box tonight. Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just interesting when he really does…go for it.

“Short answer: yes. Long answer? YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS”

“Ed, why aren’t you in New Orleans?”

Is it wrong that made me giggle?

Oh I also giggled at the 26 things they will do wrong including: Osama and Jenna dating, Jenna getting pregnant by Osama, and the Osama and Jenna sex tape.
Oh and the yam shortage.

Voldemort was on the list too.
I especially liked the bit about how bush is going to build a dam in Arkansas to fight the water there so we wont have to fight it here.

That was the second most awesome Daily Show ever. (Crisis really brings out the best in those people.)

I counted at least three good belly laughs, which was a welcome little change from the week’s weeping and teeth-grinding.

“I thought that was all vestigial stuff.” Amen.

His analogy about the guy in the bar suddenly springing into action was so sweet.

Jon Stewart is the MAN.

“Except, and there’s one small difference, which is that thousands of people weren’t stranded in Monica Lewinsky’s vagina.”

I’ve been waiting all week for The Daily Show to come on and make me feel just a little bit better, and they delivered!

I loved “Rodents of Unusual Size” and “Voldemort” on the Alphabetical List of Bush Administration Crises. :slight_smile:

Heh, me too Tracy, though I have to say almost funnier was “Unicyclists, Nuclear.”

aw man.

can someone tell me what the damn deal is with this show.

I turned it on at 8:00 last night and it was some replay so the TV went off for the night.

  1. What time does the “official” show air?

  2. Now, I know that it’s called “The Daily Shows”, but are there new shows once a day? A week? A month?

  3. Why did I see that old episode last night? Do they replay old ones before new ones?

(thanks. we’re actually getting cable by mistake right now and that was one show I wanted to check out)

that was hilarious.

Ed Helms - who I normally find is not nearly as funny as Steven Colbert - reporting on how every available resource as focused on how to repair the damage…to Bush’ administration.

The whole thing was great…except the guest. He came across as not clear and too obviously left-leaning. The thing I appreciate about Jon Stewart is that, while obviously left-ish, puts rational thought and common sense before his politics - IMHO. The guest didn’t come across that way.

I also liked the fact that JS just told Bush apologists to shut up and acknowledge the poor handling…

11 pm

It’s on Monday through Thursday

They show repeats at 8 pm, as you saw.

Well, that was a repeat from August 15th.

Do they usually repeat the previous day’s show the next day? 11:00 pm is a bit late for old Trunk.

Show was extra funny and biting last night.
I actually though he went a little light on FEMA but I guess he didn’t have enough time. :wink:

Trunk, the repeat should be on today at 8pm EST. When there are new shows that week, the next day the previous night’s show will be repeated. When Jon is on vacation, they repeat the ones from the week before the vacation.

So, you should catch 9/6/05 episode tonight, at 8pm EST.

Maybe it was just me, but I thought the show was average at best. The only thing that made me loose it completely was the named list of presidental crisises (“Queer Revolt”). Anybody have a link to the full list and/or remember it?

I found that line kinda ‘meh’. It should have been:

What’s the difference between Monica Lewinski and Hurricane Katrina? Monica only blew one person.

I’m watching it right now. I forgot they re-run in the morning as well. It’s hilarious.