Dalek Game - Level 9 Tips required

I am having trouble finishing this dalek game from the BBC .

I can’t get past level 9 and continually get trapped or killed. Any suggestions?

I have all of the special features collected up to this point, are there any tricks/secret passages etc?

I look forward to hearing from someone who can help.

As I meantioned in a past thread, I beat the game, aftair a little help from other dopers. That was a while ago, though. Could you tell me where you are stuck, what is happing, and so on?

I cant get past the room with the mines, the guards and the indestructable security door, even with the speed up, forcefield, special vision etc. I think its either the second or third room where the Doctor taunts the Dalek on level 9.

Wait, so yyou can’t kill the last timelord? Simply move around, very fast, and shoot him, while not being shot yourself. Like in real life. Try to have the speed, and the biggest gun attached