Dammit, theres a gun in our river!

So there we were, ready to kick back and do a little fishin’. I bailed out of the zoo early, the sun was shining, and Kid, the Elder looked the water and said "Ohmigawd, there’s a 9mm in front of my face!!! and much to my surprise, he was right! The guys bailed for home after we hit the payphone and called the cops so I hung around to point it out and give statements. I ended up with seven cops, from both Delta and the RCMP. We take loose guns seriously up here! The Mountie gave me a ride home, too. The neighbours probably freaked!

Nope, didn’t catch a thing!

Ah, the innocence of Canadians…

I’m trying to picture the reaction around these here parts to seeing a gun in the river. I can absolutely guarantee it would have nothing to do with calling the cops, and everything to do with fishing it out and taking it home… “Well, dang, lookie here, somebody’s done thrown away a perfectly good guuuun…”


Especially a nifty gun like a 9mm…

Um, heh?

Okay, so your son and Pop left the scene? And 7 cops from the Mounties and “Delta”? Who’s ‘Delta’?

Hell, I would have grabbed it too, if the cops didn’t take it with 'em.

But I’m just a well-armed Yank on the Canadian border.

Tripler, good to know somebody’s watching the back door.

I was thinking when I read the surprise involved, “Just where is zoogirl at?” I looked over. BC, but of course. It’d be pretty much the same thing in Japan. Mafia boys bring em in by the box load through Wakkanai and they get distributed fairly quickly. But finding one thrown out in a fishing hole would be like, “WTF?”

Delta’s a “where”. It’s Surrey’s next door neighbour, and has it’s own police force. They didn’t seem to mind the guy’s leaving, just asked for their names. Mr zoogirl is allergic to cops.:rolleyes: