Damn, am I going to end up paying Spectrum $215 for less than a day's worth of service?

Finally decided to cut the cord and part ways with Spectrum cable and internet. I had Century Link install the new fiber optic internet service on October 1st and later that day called Spectrum to shut everything off on their end.
Lo and behold Spectrum just sent me my final bill… for the entire month of October. Apparently they no longer prorate partial months after cancellation which means if you don’t cancel before October begins you’re on the hook for the entire month of October.
What a bunch of shits. I feel like not paying it just on principal but I know they’ll just continue to bug me for it, send it to collections, and potentially screw with my credit.

Are you sure you’re dealing with Spectrum…and not SPECTRE?

I’ll bet you that even if you had cancelled two weeks ago, they’d still be sending you that same bill. When I dropped Cox, I made sure to cancel a little bit before the cycle date, and they’ve still been trying to collect from me.

That’s exactly what the bastards did to us, in the same situation. We wound up paying.