Damn computer

I’m now on my fourth computer from downstairs in a few weeks because of one thing and another and I hate to bother them again for little things. They do well schlepping new computers up here and fixing the insane printer, and I want to save them for the big things. Two questions: 1)in the course of getting the latest mess, I find the little flag that tells me I have e-mail doesn’t wave or appear anymore, and I’m sure there is something I can press to get it. 2)
The second question is what happened to a thing that used to say “save on exit”? Or where would it be hidden away? Because on Word so-called Perfect (ha, ha) I have to set the font the way I want it every time I open it up. There must be some remedy for this. 3)As a corollary to this question, why is it that when I look up HELP on anything, there NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER IS ANY HELP FROM HELP? Ie. no simple entry for E-MAIL FLAG or SAVE ON EXIT’s location. 4) When oh when are the horrible and criminal companies who make these incompetent machines going to put on a key that you can press and immediately get help from an actual person? Why doesn’t Congress pass a law to this effect? Actually I just love the computer, but only the idea of it, not the actual physical ones. When they work it is wonderful for drawing pictures and the e-mail thing and all the great information on the internet and how you can type using so-called Word Perfect so easily. But always there is something wrong. 5) Give me the name of a simple computer that can do the above three or four things and not be choked up with devices I don’t want, which is one of my theories of why computers are so hard to work: too many so-called options that crowd and corrupt the circuitry.

I smell barbecue!

Don’t blame the machine Don. Blame the geeks that wrote the software. :wink:

What email software are you using? If it’s Outlook Express try clicking ‘Tools’ then ‘Options’ then ‘General’. You can check the boxes to notify you when you get an email. Other email software should be similar. Look for ‘Tools’ or ‘Preferences’

I don’t know Word Perfect, so I can’t help you there.

To find items in Help try re-phrasing your question so it sounds like something a computer geek would say. They don’t speak English, and they wrote the Help text so you gotta speak their language.

Good Luck

Geeks don’t write “help” sections; if it was up to us, there wouldn’t be any at all. The boss(es) hand the developers things they want included in “help”; developers just copy and paste the damn thing. Who actually writes help" section? I don’t care enough to find out.

And on top of all that, your Enter key is broken :slight_smile:


  1. Try looking in help for “Options”’ and “Save options”

  2. You’re probably looking for the wrong things. “Email flag” might be “Mail notification” or something.

  3. Well, no person, but F1 usually brings up context sensitive help (ie. the help should be appropriate for the screen you’re on)

  4. Get an iMac.

Is your tech guy by any chance short with brown hair?

Well, being I read it again & again & I can’t figure out what type of computer it is or what type of email program it is (word is for the mac or PC)…Im going to have to try some mind reading…

Also, look for ‘email notification’ not ‘email flag’…