Damn damn damn DAMN!

Okay, so Windows is fucked, royally.

It insists that MY profile is the default profile. It won’t let me delete my own profile. The default profile and my profile are also now crosslinked, which means any change in one is a change in the other. This did not become apparent until I deleted the entire content of my profile to bring it’s size down to a manageable level (it was 45 meg).

So fuck it. I have a CD burner. I’ll just burn everything off onto CDs, format the drive, load up Windows ME (got a free copy for working for Best Buy), reload Office, reload PhotoShop, reload Netscape, Seti@home, Winamp, all my mp3s, just the basics, ya know?

But there’s no fucking easy to use backup utility with Adaptec that will automatically copy your entire HD to CDs. You gotta do it manually. So I do it manually. Takes me a few hours.

A few minutes ago, I finally get done. I get ready to format, but before I do, I make sure and check my CDs first to make sure they all work.

The CDs read fine, the file system is fine, all the files are there. But when I try to run an executable, any .exe file, it gives me a fatal error and crashes everything.

To quote Adam Sandler: “Someone kill me!”


My first question would be, why are you fucking with profiles ??

(also, now that you have been bent over your computer desk my Billy Gates and have danced to his pleasure, try partitioning your disk up so only your OS and OS type programs (IE and shell utilities) reside on the first partition … makes it easier to blow it away and start over)

He’s fucking with profiles because he’s trying to share his computer with somebody. Yes?

No, he’s fucking with profiles because Win98 decided that his profile was to be the default profile. There were some OS issues forcing it to display only a ‘default’ profile and not everyone else’s profiles.

And Homey, I’m sorry…I don’t know dick about WinME except that it’s un-networkable. Why didn’t you just pick up Win2K out of the ‘complimentary software’ bin at work? It works 100 times better, and installs so silkily smooth.

[Rex Harrison]
You’ve grown accustomed to Bill Gates’ ass?
[/Rex Harrison]

I know, dumb. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind…


–Happy Tim