Damn Dirty Apes Terrorize New Delhi!

Monkeys terrorize India workers, tourists

And if monkeys aren’t scared of the LAWYERS, what’ll we do? But apparently gangs of monkeys are ransacking offices and terrorizing the streets after dark.

I, for one, welcome our new simian overlords.

Yeah, but you get to impregnant us female humans to make more slaves. How fair is that, dude? Not very. I admit… I’d look very attractive and sexy in a leather collar but come on. I’m not having children in a cramped, dirty cage. Don’t even touch me. :rolleyes:

Why aren’t the people in India just shooting the pesky monkeys?? Or place small bounty on them, to get people to take care of them.

Cite? :wink:

Oh, come on, SOMEBODY had to say it!

One doesn’t confess to shooting monkeys in India. Hanumana is a revered deity who just happens to be a monkey. He played a very important role in the epic Ramayana. Offing monkeys would be impiety of a very high order.

I can’t stand the critters myself, though. I’ve hated them ever since one slapped my bum years ago.

Maybe they should stop keeping food in the file cabinets!

Many years ago, while staying in Varnasi with the Mr, our room was broken into and ransacked, by monkeys.

At first we just thought we’d been robbed, then we saw the camera, and walkman, and other items of value.

But the room was a mess, garbage strewn everywhere, they got into our first aid kit but were mostly after the remnants of a juicy mango we’d consumed before going out, pit and skin all that was left though well wrapped and tied up in a plastic bag.

It was quite funny when we all figured it out.
They ate many birth control pills and charcoal tablets and Imodium. That could not have been pleasant for them I’m sure.

Damned monkeys!

There is a colony of Rhesus macaques that live in the woods just beyond the Delhi University Guest House on the north campus. I’d seen them in the garden out back but wasn’t prepared to walk out onto my balcony and come face-to-face with one early one morning. The monkey screeched, I screamed, and a bunch of people were briefly panicked about the state of my safety. After that the appeal of taking my morning chai on the balcony was lessened considerably.

The macaques may be thieving little buggers but their bigger cousins, the langurs, can be just as bad. I once saw one snatch a garland of marigolds away from a little girl and then retreat to a fence post to munch on the flowers contently…

Well, I’m sure they consider us a menace. A walking pestilence, even.

Religion. Gotta love it.

sanguinespider, i got a sudden flashback of that strange scene from planet of the apes, where the female trophy ape was doing the dance of the veil for her general.

now i’m scared about the whole simian overlord thing. chez, first feline overlords, now simians… oy!

:eek: The simian overlords have just recalled all the chairs!
(Seems they never use them.)

I think we’ve stumbled across the answer we seek…

ack! not the chairs!!!

I dunno, we build them nice buildings to play on and bring them food (according to the article).

Wait, and we’re the smart ones?

Now, if they would just worship me, they wouldn’t be having all these problems- I encourage monkey killing.

I don’t have a collar pic but…


Darn it all to hell and back!!! GRRRRR!

Be patient.

There… I think.

Hmm, I like the first attempt better, tee hee!